Strikers1945: RE, the latest mobile RPG by Com2US has just released globally and players are excited to try out the vertical shooter RPG! Taking up the role of a commander of your Aircraft, pilot the plane to dodge bullets and eradicate the enemy forces. Make use of swift reflexes and test your game knowledge as you pick up powerful boosts that can enhance your Aircraft. Engage with a thorough campaign mode, spawning multiple chapters, with each chapter further harbouring different stages. What’s more? The game is fully optimized to run on even the oldest devices, including Android Version 6! Strikers 1945: RE is available to be downloaded and installed as a free-to-play game on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.      

Strikers1945: RE – All Working Redeem Codes September 2023

Here’s a short description of the game, provided by the developers to invite you to Strikers 1945: RE – “Become the leading character of the special force, “Strikers”! Experience the thrill of defeating enemies, just like in the original plane shooter game, Strikers 1945! Clear the missions by combining more than 230 different skills. Take control of renowned aircraft such as AV-8 Harrier, F-4 Phantom, F/A-18E Super Hornet, F-117 Nighthawk, F-22 Raptor, X-36, etc, and clear the scenario stages.”

Strikers1945: RE boasts a ton of engaging mechanics that will leave the player entertained for a long time! However, to make efficient progression and to consistently power-up, a strong and steady burst of resources are needed. The resources come in the form of Gems and Coins. Keys are also quite scarce, as they have the ability to unlock Special grade Support Boxes. These boxes have a varying probability of providing good grade Components among the likes of aircraft, missile, fuselage, wing, chipset, and engine. Players need to be constantly getting stronger in order to win more games and unlock higher rewards. Being an online live-service game, there’s lot that Strikers1945: RE has to offer except abundant resources as the game is supposed to be played like a slow marathon, instead of a sprint where players can finish the game in a limited period of time.

Strikers1945: RE – All Working Redeem Codes September 2023

Do not worry, as the developers release “Redeem Codes” often to reward players and fast-track their progression. These codes are 100% working and simple to use. Here is a list of all the working redeem codes in Strikers1945: RE as of September 2023:

  • welcomestrikers

Players can feel free to redeem these codes any time as they do not come with a mentioned expiration date. These codes are only for redemption 1 time per account.

How to redeem codes in Strikers1945: RE?

If you’re wondering how you can redeem the codes, here is a short step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Strikers1945: RE – All Working Redeem Codes September 2023

  • Open Strikers1945: RE on your device. 
  • Login to your account. 
  • Go to the Menu section by clicking on triple dash icon located at the top left-hand corner.
  • Click on the Community icon marked by 3 people. This should open a new window. Go to the “Coupon Exchange” tab located on left-hand side of the menu.
  • Select your Server.
  • Input any of the above-mentioned codes in the textbox.
  • The rewards should come in your in-game mailbox.

We recommend playing Strikers1945: RE on a PC using BlueStacks with a keyboard and mouse for a 60 FPS Full HD lag-free experience on a bigger screen.