Watch PuukiCR’s 100K Gem Clash Royale Tournament

Watch PuukiCR’s 100K Gem Clash Royale Tournament

‘Tis the season of top Clash Royale gamers hosting tournaments and live streaming the results on Twitch. Many of the world’s top streamers are broadcasting¬†Clash Royale via BlueStacks TV because it’s so easy to use. Check out the video below, you’ll notice the animated Clash theme background on the sides, along with chat stream and PuukiCR’s webcam in addition to third party commentary. Think you need to be a pro to pull all of this off? Negative… all you need is BlueStacks TV software and simply install Clash Royale just as you would on a phone or tablet device. After signing into your Twitch account via BlueStacks TV you can personalize your stream just as Puuki has done- plus stream to the world with one click.

Watching other top gamers is a great way to gain strategy for your own style of play. Check out the 100K gem tournament here and stay tuned for the next event:

Watch live video from PuukiCR on

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