The seventh season of Call of Duty: Mobile is soon to be upon us, with the developers rolling out the last update of the sixth season. A lot of information has been provided in the Community Update on the 20th of August. Let us take a look at it below:

Undead Siege

The zombie mode will continue into the seventh season of Call of Duty Mobile. The mode has been well received by the fans and the developers have given the players more time to grind in order to collect the Aether Crystal completionist Camo available as a reward. The developers also stated that currently, there is no end date for Undead Siege and as such the Siege remains Undead for the foreseeable future. 

Seasonal Challenges

Several seasonal challenges made their way into the game in Season and the community update chose to highlight some of them in terms of rewards and other benefits. 

Sharpshooter is a Battle Royale Challenge that focuses on players’ ability with the sniper rifles. Some of the challenges in Sharpshooter require kill goals to be completed with specific loadouts and attachments on the sniper rifles, which makes the whole process a lot more intriguing. However, completing this seasonal challenge provides players with a massive XP of 23,000 along with rewards such as the Uncommon Spray – Fiona on Vacay, Rare .50 GS – Mosaic, Rare Calling Card – Summer Standoff, and New Functional – Rytec AMR rifle.

Martyrdom is a six-part seasonal challenge that adds a whole new perk to the Call of Duty universe – the Martyrdom perk, which is available as a reward for completing this seasonal challenge. Martyrdom as a perk allows players to drop grenades on the position where you were killed, which makes it a perk that has both positives and negatives attached to it. Completing this challenge provides 16,000 XP, the Martyrdom perk along with rewards such as 40 Weapon XP Cards, an Uncommon AK-47 – Macaw and a Rare Avatar – From Dog, With Love.

As the name suggests, Machete Madness is a seven-part seasonal challenge that encourages users to test out melee weapons and collect kills with them in Multiplayer mode. Completing these challenges offers you a kitty of 19,000 XP along with rewards such as the Uncommon Striker – Macaw, Rare Spray – Sword Swipe and the Machete as a new melee weapon.

New Functional Weapons – Rytec AMR & MX9

The Rytec AMR is a sniper rifle introduced in Season 6. The new sniper rifle can be snagged from completing the Sharpshooter Seasonal Challenge or through the Abyssal State Mythic Drop.

Undead Siege to continue, Scrapyard 2019, Monastery to be added to map pool in Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 7

The MX9 is a versatile and reliable submachine gun and was the first weapon available to be grabbed in Season 6 through the Heat Battle Pass. The default one is available at Tier 14 of the Battle Pass. However, a new version named MX9 – Heartless has been made available in the Wetland Warriors draw.

Two new maps coming in Season 7 – Scrapyard 2019 and Monastery

Monastery will arrive in Season 7 of Call of Duty Mobile but has already been seen in the Chinese version of the game. It is a 6v6 map and allows for close combat, which means the loadouts will be tailored towards SMGs, rifles and even shotguns to an extent, depending on the area players want to take the fights at. 

Undead Siege to continue, Scrapyard 2019, Monastery to be added to map pool in Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 7

The scrapyard was originally a part of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and a revamped version of the same is now set to hit the Call of Duty: Mobile universe in Season 7. Interestingly, Scrapyard was already added to Call of Duty Mobile in Season 3 but a revamped version of the same is now set to be added to the map pool, making things interesting, to say the least. The revamped version of Scrapyard was first shown in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 and it will be intriguing to see the reaction of the Call of Duty mobile community to it.