We’ve got some SUPER EXCITING news for all you Grand Cross: Age of Titans fans. Netmarble has just rolled out a shiny new update, and guess what? It’s time to gear up for some epic battles in the newest PvP mode – Parallel World. Whether you’re playing on your mobile device or enjoying the immersive experience on BlueStacks  on your PC, you’re in for a treat. Grab your gaming buddies, put on your strategic hats, and dive deep into the action.

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Gets a Cool New Twist with Parallel World PvP Mode!

Dive into Grand Cross: Age of Titans’ latest update featuring the thrilling Parallel World PvP mode. Gear up for epic battles, team strategies, and a blend of gaming fun this season!

What’s the Hype with Parallel World?

The Parallel World is this mega-cool feature where you and your friends from your kingdom can team up to face off against warriors from up to three other kingdoms. Imagine a big virtual playground where different kingdoms are battling it out. Sound exciting? You bet it is! 

The battleground looks all autumn-y, with crispy leaves and that warm, orange hue. And scattered all over this map are some really fancy World Objects, like Gates, Shrines, and the grand Royal Castle. But here’s the twist: the game rules here are not quite the same as your regular battles. So, you’ve gotta be sharp, think on your feet, and come up with some fresh new strategies to outplay your opponents.

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Gets a Cool New Twist with Parallel World PvP Mode!

The cherry on top? If you and your alliance buddies manage to capture the Royal Castle, you’re the champions! And the best part? The loot gets shared with everyone in your kingdom. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

The Ultimate Battle Marathon

Now, don’t expect this to be a quick skirmish. One match in Parallel World lasts a whopping 20 days! Yep, that’s almost three weeks of pure, unadulterated gaming fun. So, make sure to pack some snacks and maybe a comfy pillow, because it’s gonna be one long, thrilling ride.

Want In? Here’s What You Need

Before you jump into the action, there’s a teeny-tiny catch. Only guilds that have been around for at least 60 days can take part in this epic showdown. So, if you’re in a new guild, don’t worry! You’ve got some time to practice and level up before the next Parallel World match.

Extra, Extra!

Apart from all the Parallel World craziness, there are a couple more in-game events you should totally check out. So, while you’re waiting for your next battle, there’s always more fun stuff to explore in Grand Cross: Age of Titans.

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Gets a Cool New Twist with Parallel World PvP Mode!

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Gets a Cool New Twist with Parallel World PvP Mode and… Halloween Surprises!

Netmarble is bringing out the big guns this month for Grand Cross: Age of Titans fans. First, they unveiled the brilliant new PvP mode – Parallel World. And now, with Halloween knocking on our doors, they’re sprinkling in some spook-tacular fun! Let’s break down all the cool new updates.

Dive into the Parallel World

For those who missed it, Parallel World is where kingdoms collide. Four kingdoms, to be exact. They’ll duke it out on an autumn-themed battlefield for the ultimate prize – the Royal Castle. But there’s a twist: the rules are different, making each match a refreshing challenge. Win, and you share the rewards with your entire kingdom.

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Gets a Cool New Twist with Parallel World PvP Mode!

Halloween is in the Air

That’s right! To get into the Halloween spirit, Grand Cross: Age of Titans is introducing the Pumpkin Festival. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Pumpkin Cookie Bingo Event – Play, and you might bag some cool stuff like Advanced Prayer Books, Legendary Star Level Fragments, and Legendary Manastones.
  2. Best Witch Event – Train your troops, conduct research, and build stuff to earn ranks. The reward? A spooky Halloween-themed Castle Skin! Talk about getting your castle Halloween-ready.

Mark Your Calendars

Eager to jump in? Parallel World is already live, waiting for you to conquer it. The Halloween events, however, will kick-off on October 23rd. So, gear up, and let the spooky fun begin!

Download Now

If all this talk about epic battles and Halloween fun has got you pumped, you can download Grand Cross: Age of Titans by clicking your preferred link below. And don’t worry about splurging – it’s a free-to-play game (with some in-app purchases, of course). For a deeper dive into the game, head over to their official website.

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Gets a Cool New Twist with Parallel World PvP Mode!

To Wrap It Up

Get ready to embark on one of the most electrifying journeys in the world of Grand Cross: Age of Titans. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this update promises tons of fun, challenges, and epic moments to share with your friends. And for those of you gaming on BlueStacks, you’re in for an enhanced, smoother experience.

Let the battles begin! And as always, may the best kingdom win.