Let us take a sneak peek at the upcoming update for popular King’s Raid gacha RPG. This update will be bringing several changes to the rewards of the 28-days Attendance Board. Additionally, new stages will be added to the ‘Technomagic Kingdom Raids’ alongside a new dungeon. Raiders can also expect brand new in-game events and more with this update. 

Changes to the 28-days Attendance Board rewards

Raiders can expect new and improved rewards obtainable from the 28-days Attendance Board. Moreover, it will reset back to day one as soon as the latest update arrives in the game. Interestingly, based on the last board that a raider had completed, in-game rewards from +7 days will be sent to their Mailbox after the maintenance is complete.

Spring Festival Dungeon for the Raiders

A new event brought by Annette and Requina, raiders in this event will be able to obtain items that can be exchanged for unique weapons, Brilliant Ether, Soulstone Fragment Ticket, and more. Also, to raise NPC heroes’ kinship, players can collect ‘Spring Chocolate’ from this event.

Brand New Stages to the Technomagic Kingdom Raids

In the Technomagic Kingdom Raids, new stages up to level 9 will be added. Moreover, there will be a slight decrease in the overall difficulty level of the raids. In case you don’t know, starting from level 7, raiders can obtain the ‘Technomagic Gear Upgrade Stone’ after the new update.

Try your luck – Roll the Dice Event

A new event will be available after the February’s update in which raiders can obtain rewards by guessing the result of the dice (from even or odd). Event rewards include:

  • Unique Gear Ticket
  • Unique Treasure Ticket
  • Transcendence Attributes Point (5TP)

Piece of Memory – News Episodes to be added

Episodes [Hilda] and [Riheet & Ripine] will be added to Memory Archives > Piece of Memory in the upcoming February update. Surprisingly enough, raiders can receive in-game rewards by checking out their stories. 

Well, that’s all for February’s first update. However, according to devs, changes might be made to the upcoming content mentioned above during the development phase so wait for the patch notes to arrive!