Developers I Got Games (IGG) have just revealed the patch notes for the upcoming Viking Rise update, and fans of the popular RTS title are eager to know more about what the patch brings to the game.

Viking Rise June 14 Update Patch Notes: New Events, Optimizations, & Fixes

In case you haven’t had the opportunity to tune into the world of Viking Rise yet, it is an online multiplayer real-time strategy game by IGG – the same developers behind Lords Mobile – that enables players to take control of a Viking leader as they lead their Tribe to explore, plunder, and conquer the world of Midgard. Viking Rise features some renowned Heroes from Norse mythology and Viking history. Players have to strategize and use their wits and play to the strengths of the Heroes and win wars.

If you’re an avid Viking Rise fan, then you’d be happy to know that the June 14 update will introduce some much-needed gameplay optimizations and fixes to the title alongside some exciting new content like the Arena and the Midsummer Fest.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Viking Rise June 14 update.

Viking Rise June 14 Update: Maintenance Time

As confirmed by the developers, Viking Rise will be undergoing a maintenance on June 14th in preparation of the next update. The servers for the game will go down at 6 am UTC and will likely be back up and running by 7 am UTC. Players might find themselves being unable to log into the game during the maintenance period.

Viking Rise June 14 Update: Patch Notes

Here’s the official patch notes for the Viking Rise June 14 update as confirmed by IGG:


  1. Arena: A stage where brave Viking Heroes gather to compete under the gaze of the gods. Rank will be determined by strength, and the strongest will claim the title of God of War!
  2. Midsummer Fest: Vikings who have established themselves in Vanirneyjar will light up bonfires to celebrate the arrival of the summer solstice.


  1. New Internal Affairs and Gathering skills to help Chiefs obtain more resources and improve their Might
  2. New Skill Wheel event


  1. Increased points for forging equipment in Vikings’ Reign
  2. Increased the highest tier of mercenaries that can be recruited in the Mercenary Camp
  3. Added new limited-time event, Tribe Mobilization


  1. Optimized Blessed Offering subscription interface
  2. Optimized trigger conditions of the warning function
  3. Optimized Flag Towers’ consumption
  4. Optimized content of gifts from Village Champs
  5. Optimized performance when completing quests in Conquer the Island
  6. Optimized Food Reserves in Vikings’ Reign
  7. Optimized calculation of Conquest Quests in daily quests
  8. Optimized chat emotes on iOS devices
  9. Optimized content of Hero Experience packs
  10. Optimized Treasure Points of common Tribe gifts


  1. Fixed a Build Score display issue that occured occasionally
  2. Fixed the issue where Kings could grant titles across Kingdoms
  3. Fixed the issue where summoning failed in Hero Reclamation
  4. Fixed the issue where some Tribes could not issue titles
  5. Fixed the issue where some Smithy monsters were incorrectly displayed
  6. Fixed the issue where the skill “Disarmament” was incorrectly displayed in the Battle Report
  7. Fixed the issue where the King Skill could be used across servers

Now that you’re updated with the latest patch notes for Viking Rise, are you curious to know about how you can play Viking Rise on your PC? Check out our detailed guide on Bluestacks to get started.