Fullscreen Gaming

Watch your game come alive.

  • Immersive Gameplay
  • Game Auto-launches in Fullscreen

Fullscreen Gaming on BlueStacks 5.11

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Live the Game. Play Fullscreen.

  • Play Bigger, Play Better

    Revolutionize your gaming experience and get transported to an alternative world. Enjoy super immersive gameplay and never miss out on any detail. View characters, skill buttons and other in-game details easily.
  • Immersive Gaming. No Distractions.

    Experience every game like it’s a masterpiece. Play in Fullscreen to keep all distractions at bay and amaze your opponents with your unshakeable focus. Engage more deeply and let nothing come in the way of you and your favorite game!
  • Go Fullscreen Automatically

    Let every game be a visual treat! Launch games in fullscreen directly on BlueStacks 5 each time you launch a game. Save the Fullscreen Mode settings for other apps as well and get rid of changing the settings with every update.


  • How do I launch games in Fullscreen?

    To play your favorite games in fullscreen, simply launch the game, and click on toggle fullscreen from the side toolbar or press F11. To start games in fullscreen every time you play, click on ‘Always launch this game in fullscreen’. If at any time you wish to change your preference, you can do that through the game settings. There are sliders next to each game name. Once you’re done making changes, click on save and game on!
  • Which version of BlueStacks supports Fullscreen?

    You can enjoy Fullscreen gaming on BlueStacks 5 versions 5.11 and above.