BlueStacks Influencer Program




YouTubers, Gamers, Creators, Everyone's welcome. Turn your passion into real money.

  • Streamers

    Love to talk about Android games or technology on YouTube, Twitch, or other streaming platforms

  • Gamers

    Pro gamers and social influencers who love to create content about Android games.

  • Something for Everyone

    Video game fans, gaming and tech content creators, niche site owners with limited following

  • Bloggers

    Owners of gaming-focussed sites or forums related to gaming, mobile apps, or technology.

Partner Up

Take your content promotion game to the next level.

  • If you create Relevant 'to BlueStacks' Content, such as gaming or tech content.
  • If you add value to your audience's life with genuine, non plagiarized and useful content.
  • If your audience values your content. Good audience stats including decent subscriber base, followers, unique visitors or viewers.
  • If your platform is active. Regular new uploads. Your last upload should be a maximum of 4 weeks old.

Why BlueStacks Influencer Program?

Monetize your content with the best influencer program that helps you level up, one content at a time.

  • Industry Leader

    BlueStacks has a loyal user base of 500M+ gamers globally as well as partnerships with leading gaming developers across all genres.

  • On-time Payments

    A streamlined process. Get timely payments every month to your PayPal or bank account.

  • Actionable Insights

    Stay on top of your game. Track, manage, and optimize results, with real-time reports.

How BlueStacks Influencer Program Works

  • Step 1

    Select Your Interests

    Register and submit basic details and interests. These will help us customize an offer for you.

  • Step 2

    Share Your Promo Page

    Use the unique BlueStacks link of your promo page to track traffic, downloads, and installs.

  • Step 3

    Start Earning

    Every time your unique link is downloaded to install the offer game, you earn.

Say Hello to Our Happy Influencers

  • Vítor Brazt


    YouTube Subscribers

    “I have found the BlueStacks Influencer Program to be the perfect partner for my business. It has all the top offers that I am waiting for, it's frequently updated with new releases, and the payouts are great.”

  • Usitility


    YouTube Subscribers

    “I've been a BlueStacks Influencer Partner for a few years, and its a legitimate influencers system. They take care of their influencers and always pay on time. Recommending the BlueStacks platform helps you engage with the audience because BlueStacks fills a need for many Mobile gamers, namely playing Mobile games on a big screen using keyboard and mouse.”

  • Amazing - Grand Cross

    @Amazing - Grand Cross

    YouTube Subscribers

    “BlueStacks Influencer Program has been very great to work with! They are responsive and always try to provide the best content from their platform! I have been using BlueStacks since 2020 and haven't changed since!”

  • Tauna


    YouTube Subscribers

    “BlueStacks Influencer Program has always been easy to use and a great way to earn extra money on the side while supporting a platform (BlueStacks) that I use everyday. They believe in you, and will help you reach your goals!”

  • Josh 'Khasino' Gold


    YouTube Subscribers

    “BlueStacks Influencer Program helps me afford to live my dream by promoting BlueStacks, a platform I would recommend anyway!”

  • Tyler


    YouTube Subscribers

    The BlueStacks Influencer Program has allowed me to play games I wanted to play already and get paid for it. If you're looking for another way to monetize your content without it being filled with ads, this is the way to do it!

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Refer and Earn

Got a friend who's into gaming and owns a channel? Refer them to BlueStacks Influencer Program and earn.

Refer a friend
  • Become a BlueStacks Influencer Partner
  • Generate the special referral code from the 'Refer A Friend' button on the dashboard
  • Share the code with your friends and earn the rewards once they become BlueStacks Influencer Partners


  • What is the BlueStacks Influencer Program? How does it work?

    It is an influencer program/ecosystem designed with the idea to help gaming content creators grow, expand their reach, and earn money doing what they love.

    Here's how it works
    • You sign up for the influencer program
    • We screen your application and approve
    • You create your personal and secure account on the BlueStacks influencer Platform
    • Next, you select the game offers and generate a unique link for the promo page
    • Share the link and start driving traffic, downloads, installs, and earning

    The better the quality of your traffic, the more app downloads and offered game installs it drives, the more you will earn.
    To keep a track of how you are doing, login to the BlueStacks Influencer Platform at any time. Here you'll find the latest game offers, the commission you earned, and review clicks and installs you've influenced. All the data can be viewed in a simple graph format.
  • Does it cost anything to participate?

    The BlueStacks Influencer Program is free to join. So go ahead and apply.
  • How much can I earn as a BlueStacks Influencer? How and when do I get paid?

    You are in charge of how much you earn with us. As a custodian of your content and platform, you choose what to promote and where you want to promote it to get maximum relevant traffic. The payout earned is directly related to the number of successful offer installs you get.

    As for the payments, they are made once the minimum payment threshold is met. We do a wire transfer to your account or via PayPal every first of the month (note, there is no threshold required for this one). Once the payment is made, we also send an email confirmation.

    Additionally, all BlueStacks Influencers are paid as per our tier system. Maintaining the numbers helps keep you in the same tier and get the same percentage of commission.
    Cost Per Offer Installs (CPI) payouts depend upon your tier. Eg. Tier 1 gets the highest commissions*.
    Tier 1

    1,200 Installs/month

    Tier 2

    750 Installs/month

    Tier 3

    350 Installs/month

    Tier 4

    No Minimum

    *Depending on the selected Offer and Country

  • How are downloads/installs tracked from my site?

    You can use the BlueStacks Influencer Platform to keep track of all the downloads and installs you are driving. Access to this platform is shared with you once your application gets approved and accepted.

    From this dashboard you can generate unique tracking URLs for the game offers you want to promote. Installs generated using your unique URLs are tracked and reported in the dashboard and linked to your account.

    All the clicks, downloads, and installs are reported in real-time and reflected on your dashboard in 4-6 hours. Aside from these numbers, you also see other resources here that help you monitor your success better.
  • How do I add offers to my site using the BlueStacks Influencer Platform?

    Here's how you can pick and add offers to your site
    • Log in to the BlueStacks Influencer Platform
    • Click on the left-hand side menu
    • Select Available Offers
    • Browse and choose the one you want to promote
    • Generate your unique game offer link
    • Use the unique link on your site when posting content
  • What forms of promotion do we prohibit on BlueStacks?

    As a part of the BlueStacks Influencer Program, we prohibit the promotion of our offers
    • On websites or content which are sexually explicit
    • On websites or content which promote or incite violence
    • On websites or content which are discriminatory in any way
    • On websites or content which promote illegal activities
    • Misleading ads, unfair or wrongful means
    • Spamming users through emails etc is strictly prohibited.
    • Tampering our promotional links
    • Take official permission from BlueStacks if you're planning to change the promotion sources, such as promoting on other websites and social platforms (e.g. Discord).
  • How do I contact BlueStacks regarding the Influencer Program?

    For any additional influencer-related questions or concerns please email us at
  • What are the terms and conditions for this program?

    There are some supplemental Terms and Conditions to the BlueStacks Influencer Program, you'll have to agree to. If you have any questions related to them, please feel free to connect with us.