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Last Update September 3, 2019

Content Rating
Everyone 10+

Fantasy Violence

Get Ready To Throw Your Axes!

Become a true butcher and kill everything in your path when you play on PC with BlueStacks. Create a new character in your image and customize it with hats, horns, or epic equipment, which reflects your personality. Once everything is set, dive into a world where everyone is looking to kill to become the best and to gather loads of points! The arena is colorful and you will have to move from one place to another, to dodge axes, blades, or other sharp weapons, to survive. Experience yellow deserts or vast green fields, and use the environment in your favor. Hide behind trees, run close to huge rocks and make sure you don’t get hit by the enemy’s weapon. You can experience the game both online against real players or offline against challenging bots, it’s up to you how you want to enjoy it!

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Why play on Bluestacks?

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What’s the best keymap for this game?

Play Modern Combat 5: Blackout on pc on BlueStacks comes with a default Keymapping, created based on feedback gathered from experienced gamers to ensure an optimal gaming experience.

However, if you wish to use your own customized controls, feel free to do so, it is extremely simple and user-friendly.

BlueStacks makes sure that our platform provides you with full support in becoming the formidable player you have always wanted to be.

What are XPacks?

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How to Play and Stream

How to Play on PC

  • 1 Install BlueStacks and run the installer
  • 2 Complete one-time setup
  • 3 Go to the search bar at the top-right corner and search for
  • 4 Click the icon then click install on the Google Play screen.
  • 5 Once installation completes, click the icon in the My Apps tab
  • 6 You're all done! Enjoy playing on your PC.

The game is fairly easy to play, you will use your keyboard to move around the map and with just one click you will throw your axe towards your enemies. If it hits, you score a kill, if not, you have to try again fast since you will be surrounded by flying axes. When you get one kill after the other, you will level up faster and gain certain bonuses like extra lives, poison blades, or the ability to reload faster, which will make a difference when you throw your next axe. Play on PC with BlueStacks and use your mouse and keyboard to easily navigate around the map. Dodge enemy blades, collect pink gems to level up faster, and get enough kills to become the ultimate Butcher!

Level Up And Unlock Cool Rewards!

Prepare to have fun and to discover loads of weapons! Axes, knives, shurikens, double-bladed swords and many more can be unlocked as you play the game. You will also discover more than 20 unique characters that you can choose from and you can also invite your friends to participate in this Battle Royale! When you play on PC with BlueStacks, you will also have the chance to stream all your battles online on platforms like Twitch or Facebook Live. A Two-minute game can make a difference, and interesting game modes will look forward to being shared. Don’t wait and take on the battle today!

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