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November 30, 2016
3.9/5 ( 1,113 )
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Travel to a Land of Magic and Fantasy to Vanquish Evil

Travel this new and magical land in search of 27 mysterious rings. Together, these rings hold the power to save the world and relinquish people from evil and tyranny. Play Blades and Rings on PC and Mac to experience one of the most well-designed 3D MMORPG titles available for Android.

Blades and Rings brings a whole slew of new and exciting features that players have been craving. Besides the spectacular graphics and epic storyline, Blades and Rings has a completely free and open market system. This means that you can craft and trade items with players from all over the world without price restrictions. Find unique equipment, items, and armor that can only be found by destroying monsters to help eliminate the pay to play system. Stop worrying about your quest while at work or school. Blades and Rings now has auto-combat features to allow your party to continue fighting even when you're not around to lead them.

Stream Blades and Rings to Huge Social Networks

The idea of being 'social' has taken on a drastically new meaning in our current digital age. When you want to share your favorite games with your friends, you could call them over, but with so many of our friends living miles and miles away, the easiest way to share your favorite Android games is with massive social networks. By streaming Blades and Rings footage to platforms like Facebook Live and, you can show how awesome the game is (or how awesome your skills are) to friends all over the globe. Video game broadcasting is only a click away with the free BlueStacks 4 player.