Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动)
Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动)

Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动)

Action Cheese WT

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Last Update: April 15, 2021

Take Part in Thrilling Online Military Combat in 代号:M行动 on PC

代号:M行动 is an Action game developed by Cheese WT. BlueStacks app player is the best platform to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience.


Play through a variety of super-realistic maps in this military shooter designed from the ground up for Android. Skill, accuracy, and reflexes are the keys to victory in this skill-based competitive shooter. Call your friends to join you in combat against players around the world.


Go online and prove you have the skill to compete with the very best players. Use the environment to your advantage – peak around corners, take cover behind objects, and use combat tactics to flank your enemy. Work together with your teammates to devise and execute complex tactics to outplay and outmaneuver any opponent!


Try out the different, exciting game modes, like Team Race mode, and the fiercest Deathmatch around. Blast your opponents to pieces using a selection of more than 40 different weapons. No two weapons look or feel the same, so choose one that best suits your personal play style!


Game Features


  • Shooting Mode
  • High FPS
  • Script
  • Free Look
  • Enhancements
Shooting Mode
Boom, headshot. With BlueStacks Shooting Mode, experience PC-like gameplay when playing Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动). Press F1 to aim and shoot with mouse.
High FPS
Enable the highest possible frame rate in Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动) for a seamless gaming experience. Get smoother graphics and better reaction time.
Play Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动) with the innovative Script feature. Create and run a script to fully automize a sequence of actions. Assign it a key to execute in one go.
Free Look
Turn and shoot in milliseconds. With Freelook, BlueStacks has always got your back. Rule Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动) and get more kills.
  • Macros

    Say goodbye to repetitive tasks in Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动). Use BlueStacks Macros to skip the predictable tasks and execute it with a single keystroke. Record and share your favorite macro files with your gaming buddies.

  • Multi Instance

    Play multiple games at the same time. Or play Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动) from different accounts. Switch effortlessly between multiple tasks with BlueStacks Multi-Instance.

  • Multi Instance Sync

    Play Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动) with the power of Multi-Instance Sync. Replicate what you are doing on the main instance on all other instances. Level up faster, play more.

  • Eco Mode

    Play Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动) seamlessly from multiple BlueStacks instances. Enable the ‘Eco Mode to lower your PC’s resource consumption.

How to Download and Play Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动) on PC

  • Download and install BlueStacks on your PC

  • Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later

  • Look for Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动) in the search bar at the top right corner

  • Click to install Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动) from the search results

  • Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动)

  • Click the Counter Strike GO Mobile (代号:M行动) icon on the home screen to start playing

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A single mistimed action can mean instant defeat. Don’t put your victory at risk by gaming with clunky touch controls. Advanced Keymapping lets you game with your mouse, keyboard, or gamepad for unparalleled precision and responsiveness.

Got a favorite skill combo? With the Macros feature in BlueStacks, you can execute it with the press of a button. Just record your action sequence then assign it to a key or button for instant, flawless execution every time.

Now, BlueStacks can help you kick off a career in content creation. The Record feature lets you make high-quality video files from your BlueStacks sessions. Edit them to create exciting highlights, hilarious blooper reels, or educational tutorials!

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BlueStacks requires a PC or Mac with at least 2GB of RAM. Now supports simultaneous 32- and 64-bit apps.

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