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December 20, 2016
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Head to LEGO City and Save the Day

LEGO City is in dire need of some help. All over the large city, crazy emergencies are popping up and somebody has to step in to save the day. Play LEGO City My City 2 on Mac and PC to explore the larger LEGO City and build tons of cool buildings and vehicles. Each time an emergency breaks out, you will have to build the right machines for the job and save the citizens of this great city. As you complete challenges and solve more problems, you will unlock special vehicle parts and components. When it comes to problem solving, your imagination is the limit. Build and expand LEGO City as you complete heroic missions and build new buildings. New vehicles, blocks, and components are awarded for completing missions and leveling up. To begin your exciting life in LEGO City My City 2 on PC and Mac, click the link above.

Take Your Adventures to the World of

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