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November 29, 2016
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Join the Elite Counter-Terrorist Unit

Right now, a war is waging all over the world. Dark forces are mobilizing to begin an assault on everything we hold dear to our hearts. Join one of the most elite counter-terrorist units in the world and begin taking out the bad guys. Play Modern Strike Online on Mac or PC to experience some of the most amazing graphics available for mobile gaming today and an intense storyline that will have you riveted. Choose from a variety of maps as you head out and begin to battle the evil terrorists of the world in this high-quality first-person shooter. As you progress through missions, you will unlock new weapons and upgrades that allow you to customize your arsenal just how you like it. Join the fray and play Modern Strike Online now.

Show the World Why They Should Fear You

Going out and kicking ass is only half the battle when it comes to fighting terrorism on a global scale. Showing the enemy who they are truly dealing with goes a long way, and when you fight terrorism with the help of BlueStacks 3, you can show the world your might. With the most convenient Twitch broadcasting controls available, you can quickly and easily broadcast Modern Strike Online gameplay footage to the giant Twitch community. Twitch is packed with millions of users that visit daily to watch live video game footage from all genres and eras. Join the Twitch revolution with the free BlueStacks 3.