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October 13, 2017
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Protedct Your Loot Or Kill the Thieves

In this world, you only have two choices. You can choose to be on the side of the law and use your extensive sniper skills to pick off the pesky robbers that have been wreaking havoc on the city. You can decide to buck the law and go rogue as a member of the most lucrative crime spree in history. Play Snipers vs Thieves on PC and Mac to take on other players in real-time battles as either a sharpshooting sniper or a wiley robber. If you’re lucky, you may find a special mask that will unlock new abilities and skills. An endless stream of gadgets can be found that will take you from dead meat to sweet street. Pick a side and start your fight with Snipers vs Thieves on Mac and PC.

Commit Crime In Front Of Thousands Of People

The new and improved BlueStacks 3 also makes video game broadcasting easier and more accessible than ever before. By eliminating the need for extra equipment, cables, and skills, video game broadcasting is now available to everyone around the world regardless of skill or experience levels. Start broadcasting Snipers vs Thieves to huge online networks like Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook Live to make new friends, learn new tips and tricks, and to increase your online presence and follower lists. Streaming your live and recorded video game footage is a great way to make new friends with other Snipers vs Thieves fans, learn some new tricks to grab more loot, or simply have fun sharing your favorite games.