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May 8, 2017
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Survive In the Land of the Lost

A cataclysmic event has changed the world from the bustling cities and daily grind of the rat race into a prehistoric land of the lost. Mankind has been all but wiped from the Earth. The long-extinct dinosaurs have once again taken control of the planet, along with a host of other deadly creatures. The only reason to wake up every day is simple survival in ARK Survival Island Evolve 3D.

Begin your adventure on a deserted island. After a long swim hoping to find safety, all you've found is more horror and danger. Now, tired from your swim and painfully alone on this bare island, you must work and fight to stay alive. Hunt wild game, mine for resources, and even train a pet dinosaur as you begin to build a life among the huge creatures and amazing plant life this new world has to offer.

Broadcast Every Kill to the World

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