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Apr 19, 2017
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Help Ben Take On Evil Aliens

Evil aliens are headed towards Earth and only one boy can save us now. Ben is more than your typical teenager. Equipped with special powers that allow him to transform into a variety of monsters and fighters, Ben has been called upon to once again defend the people of Earth from sure doom.

Based on the popular television series, Ben Transform Alien Timer is a fun and relaxing take on the exciting world of Ben 10. Control Ben as you scour the planet looking for omni energy to power up and unleash your powers of transformation on unsuspecting alien invaders. Unlock special items like the omnitrix skateboard to help defeat the aliens (or escape)in Ben Transform Alien Timer.

Give your kids the chance to play through an all-new Ben 10 adventure without wasting your precious battery life or mobile data. Play Ben Transform Alien Timer on PC and Mac with the free BlueStacks player.

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