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Adil Hameed
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3.4/5 ( 95 )
Play 64 Games on PC 11

Super Max is Jumping Into your PC or Mac

In a fantastical world full of shiny coins, spiky enemies, and heroes with awesome 'staches, Super Max must jump up and be the hero everyone needs. 64 Games is a retro-style Android game that will have you remembering the good ol' days of gaming. Explore a vast world and several dungeons to unlock mysteries and jump on many different enemies. Besides featuring many nods to classic video games in its retro style and story, 64 Games brings a lot of new and unique features to the gaming world.

Help those feelings of better days flood back by playing 64 Games on your Mac or PC. As children, we didn't have the luxury of smartphones and tablets. Instead, we had giant television sets with large screens. Click the link above to download the free Bluestacks Android Emulator app and turn your home computer into a mobile gaming hotspot.