Play Balls vc Blocks on PC

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July 19, 2017
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Play Balls vc Blocks on PC 17

So Easy To Learn, Yet So Tough To Master

Zoom back to a time when video games were simple but more addictive than ever. Those days of the simple arcade game that anyone can learn to play became the pastime for countless children and adults.

Stop thinking about those great games and play the next big thing in mobile games with Snake VS Block. Much like some of the greatest and most addictive game in history, Snake VS Block is unbelievably easy to learn an play, but a real challenge to master.

Swipe around your screen to help guide a snake made of little balls around and break numbered blocks. Break as many bricks as you can for maximum points and collect more balls to increase the length of your snake. Play through a never-ending run with Snake VS Block and challenge your friends to see who can be the ultimate snake master.

Video Game Broadcasting For Everyone

More often than not, casual gamers or those that are simply too busy are left out of the latest and greatest things in the industry. This is simply because too many things are just too complicated to use or set up. Now that video game broadcasting a full-fledged hobby and career and esports is taking off like a rocket, we want to make sure that every single gamer out there can get in on the fun and action. The BlueStacks 4 app for Mac and PC now includes the most convenient video game streaming controls available so even Grandma can get in on the fun (but we don't recommend it this much excitement for good ol' Granny). One-click controls to stream Snake VS Block to sites like Facebook, Twitch, and more make this the most accessible video game broadcasting controls available.