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January 14, 2016
3.6/5 ( 20,515 )
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Totally Cubular and Now on Your PC or Machines

As your game starts, you see a series of colorful platforms floating in the darkness of space. With no other options available, you decide to take a risk and leap out into the nothingness, hoping to hit a platform. As you land, you notice a floating cube that you grab and save for later. These cubes can be used to unlock new outfits and characters in the future. The first thing to worry about is not falling off the edge and to your death.

In the tradition of the classic arcade games of yesterday, Cube Jump features fun, retro-style graphics and easy to learn controls. The goal is simple – stay alive. In space, there is no one to hear you scream as you attempt to jump from platform to platform is a series of escalating challenges. While there are no levels in Cube Jump, this endless jumper is full amps up the challenge as players progress through space and time.

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