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Cheetah Games
Last Update
March 17, 2017
4.8/5 ( 92,921 )
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Can You Lead the Line Safely?

In one of the most original mobile games to hit devices in years, your job is as simple as they come. Help an ever-growing line travel through multiple worlds without being damaged. As always, things are never as simple as they seem.

Play Dancing Line on PC and Mac to try your hand at one of the most fast-paced mobile games in years. You will have to help direct your growing line through a series of obstacles and dangerous areas by clicking to make it turn. Watch as the line speeds up and your reflexes will be tested to the max. Do you have what it takes to guide the line safely through all the obstacles? If you know the secret, you might…

Play Dancing Line on PC and Mac to experience an addictive mobile game with an original soundtrack that will help guide you through each world. This is an experience, unlike anything you've ever played before.

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