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May 16, 2017
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Faily Tumbler See What an Ancient Phil Faily Was Like

Play Faily Tumbler on PC and Mac to see the world through the eyes of a falling ancient Phil Faily. In this addition to the long-running and HUGELY successful Faily series of Android games (Faily Brakes and Faily Rider), you take on the role of an ancient Phil Faily. While on a dinosaur egg hunt, Phil manages to disturb a long-sleeping volcano, which erupts and throws Phil over the side of the mountain. Now, Phil is stuck in a long freefall down the side of a mountain with a hot river of lava on his tail. Help Phil as he tumbles down the side of the mountain and attempts to avoid crazy obstacles in this physics-based ragdoll hit. Keep an eye out for dangers, but you may also find a variety of power-ups to help Phil survive a little bit longer. Play Faily Tumbler on your computer to help Phil 'safely' tumble down the mountain anytime you want.

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