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June 13, 2016
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It's Time for the New School to Meet the Old School

One of the most popular and oldest video game genres is the challenging platformer. To experience why platformer games have been so popular for so many years, play Vanishing Floor on Mac and PC. Much like the old school platformers, you have to navigate your wy through a crazy course of platforms. Aim carefully for each jump and land on the next platform to continue. To make this non-stop jump-fest even more exciting, the platforms before you will disappear quickly, often times leaving you to jump with even seeing where you should land.

This old school platformer with a twist is a never-ending series of platforms procedurally generated, meaning every game is different and the levels are infinite. Enjoy hours of fun with retro-style pixel graphics and a cute chiptunes soundtrack. Unlock funny and interesting costumes for your character to wear while challenging the ever-increasing difficulty as you jump along your way.

Jump for Everyone to See

Playing a cool game with old school graphics may make some of us pretty nostalgic for a simpler time. Back then, arcades ruled the land and all of your friends would hang out pumping quarters into giant machines. The arcades may have disappeared from the landscape, but you can still hang out with a bunch of friends and play video games all night long. Join millions of other platform lovers at to watch and share your Vanishing Floor gameplay footage. Each day, millions of players come to to watch live streams, chat with other players, and even build a following of their own.