Play Ever After High™: Baby Dragons on PC

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January 6, 2017
4.1/5 ( 50,964 )
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Welcome to the Dragon Games

Inspired by the hit Netflix show 'Dragon Games,' this new addition to the growing Ever After High series gives you the unique opportunity to raise your very own baby dragons. Play Ever After High: Baby Dragons on PC and Mac to experience the life of a dragon parent as you hatch and raise baby dragons from eggs.

Begin by hatching your first baby dragon and then play to unlock even more eggs and dragon babies. Be sure you take great care of your babies and give them lots of love and attention. Feed them, play with them, and keep them as happy as you can. As you raise your dragons, you will be able to unlock new adventures and activities for them to enjoy. Try your hand at River Rafting with your cute little dragons, play dress up, and even practice flying through the air. Download Ever After High: Baby Dragons on Mac and PC today.

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