Play OMG Gross Zit – Date Nightmare on PC

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February 28, 2017
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Play OMG Gross Zit – Date Nightmare on PC 17

This Is the Worst Day of Your Life

What are you going to do when the cutest boy in school asks you out, but then your body decides to have other plans – like a giant, nasty zit. Right there in the middle of your forehead is a huge, ugly zit and Ethan will be here shortly. What are you going to do?

Use a variety of wild and crazy tactics to eliminate or hide your massive zit. The clock is quickly ticking as attempt after attempt fails but you cannot give up. This heart-pounding thrill ride ends with the perfect date – or the worst date ever.

Play OMG Gross Zit – Date Nightmare on PC and Mac to experience some of the grossest zit-popping action available. Speak with your dermatologist. Try special creme. Wear a clever disguise. The choices are endless, but in the end, the only thing that matters is looking great for your date with the dreamy Ethan.

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