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March 21, 2017
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Create Your Very Own Super Tank

Forget unlocking those pre-made wimpy tanks. Play Super Tank Rumble on Mac and PC to create your very own Super Tanks… then use them to destroy your enemies! Play Super Tank Rumble to design your won Super Tank using a ginormous selection of parts and pieces. Don't build only for destruction, though. With faces, eyes, and more, you can give your Super Tanks a true personality of their own, or create a Super Tank version of yourself.

Earn rewards for annihilating your opponents in violent PvP matches. Purchase new parts and upgrade the ones you have to create a force to truly be reckoned with. Show your dominance by sharing replays and your very own Blueprints to players, and purchase Blueprints from other players. Super Tank Rumble gives you the ultimate control over your tank battles.

Broadcast Your Super Tank Rumbles to Action-Loving Fans!

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