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5 июля 2017 г.
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Play Cookie Jam Blast on PC 27

This New Jam Is a Blast!

Take a ride and enjoy a whole new adventure from the makers of the tasty hit Cookie Jam. A brand new game packed with delicious challenges, cute characters, and a whole bunch of well-done boosters to help you power your way through hundreds of levels.

Hop in your airship and embark on a grand adventure through new worlds of delicious fun and match-3 excitement. As you make your way through more than 200 challenging levels, you will meet a cast of sweet treats that will aid you and entertain you. Discover powerful boosters like the new Jelly Bee and reveal yummy Yumsicles and more goodies. Even your airship is more than a simple mode of transportation. Unlock new airships and customize your ship just the way you want it in Cookie Jam Blast for PC and Mac.

Stream Every Delicious Moment to the World

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