Play Troll Face Quest TV Shows on PC

Spil Games
Last Update
March 1, 2017
4.5/5 ( 73,235 )
Play Troll Face Quest TV Shows on PC 18

To Troll Or Not to Troll

The troll is back and the joke is one you. Play through the craziest game ever created as you visit some of your favorite (or most hated) television shows. Play Troll Face Quest TV Shows on Mac and PC to play through more than 35 different levels of trolling action.

In each level, you only have to figure out what the goal is and move on. Unfortunately, the chances of you figuring out any of the goals is highly unlikely, unless you're that good, but are you? Find out or keep getting trolled in the hit Android game Troll Face Quest TV Shows.

Enjoy hilarious animations and comedic takes on your favorite television shows, like The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and more. Troll the hardest and climb up the global troll leaderboard while unlocking off the wall troll achievements.

Play Troll Face Quest TV Shows on PC and Mac for a trolling good time… You troll.

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