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November 22, 2016
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Centuries of Peace Torn Apart...

For centuries, this has been a peaceful land. War and destruction were a thing of the past until the Dark Lord began his ascent to power. Now, all hope seems lost as an army of the undead has begun marching on the famed City of Light, Luxis. With the taste of defeat so strong in their mouths, the people of Luxis have turned all attention to the chosen warriors of the Angelli. Will you take up the call to arms and help the chosen warriors save the City of Lights? Play Clash for Dawn on PC and Mac to take on the Dark Lord in all of his evil glory.

Clash for Dawn features high-quality graphics to turn gameplay into a cinematic work of art. Hack and slash your way through a variety of scary and dangerous dungeons. Find and train a pet dragon as you help the warriors of Angelli save the City of Lights.

Twitch and BlueStacks Are Changing the Game Forever

In the gaming industry, everything you think you know is obsolete before you know it. With the explosion of the home console market, gamers began shutting themselves inside to play their favorite games for hours and hours at a time. When the internet became the everyday utility we now have, gamers began venturing forth from their rooms and gaming became a beautifully social hobby again. The Twitch Revolution has now brought this latest trend full-circle by turning the internet into the largest arcade in the world. Join Twitch to stream Clash for Dawn to users all over the world and watch some of the top names in the gaming industry.