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February 9, 2017
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One Card Game Can Change Everything

Balance in the universe is the only thing that truly holds everything together. If the harmonious balance of the universe is knocked off, even a little bit, everything we know will unravel around us. Sometimes, this shift in the universe requires little more than a card game.

In our land, the Gods of Sky, Earth, and Underworld work together to keep peace and harmony throughout the land. One day, this all changed when Underworld lost a card game to Sky and Earth. Feeling slighted, Underworld used all of his godly powers to wreak havoc and chaos on the world as revenge.

You must unite and work toget her to defeat the God of the Underworld when you play Crazy God's on PC and Mac. Sweet graphics, an epic storyline, and killer PvP are just the tip of the crazy iceburg. Play now and experience the fun for yourself.

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