Play Epic Summoners: Battle Hero Warriors – Action RPG on PC

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Oct 16, 2017
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Play Epic Summoners: Battle Hero Warriors – Action RPG on PC 11

An Epic Battle Of Heroes Has Begun

The greatest battle of heroes has begun and you are front and center when you play Epic Summoners: Battle Hero Warriors on PC and Mac.

Take part in the greatest fantasy battle ever right from your home. Play Epic Summoners on your computer to recruit powerful heroes and magic casters from all dimensions. Power them up and evolve them into great fighters to take on other heroes in this exciting idle game. Find and forge great equipment and weapons as your heroes find loot from hours and hours of extreme battles without your control or input. Use strategic party placement as heroes have multiple abilities and special powers that can change the course of battle with the proper line placement. Take on the world of powerful heroes with Epic Summoners: Battle Hero Warriors on your computer.

Broadcast This Epic Battle To the Masses

We love violence. Let’s be honest with ourselves, and we can enjoy the most epic violence and battles together. Stream Epic Summoners to massive online networks like Twitch, Facebook Live, and Twitter with the most convenient video game broadcasting controls available. It only takes one click to send your epic warriors and heroes out into the world to share their courageous battles. More than that, video game broadcasting gives your fans and followers pieces of action that they can share throughout various social media networks. If word of mouth is the best form of advertising, shareable videos are the path to true success in the digital age.