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April 17, 2017
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Take On Evil With Adorable Fighters

Join some of the cutest and deadliest warriors as these girls battle evil forces. Play 武娘-可愛萌妹大進擊 on PC and Mac to travel to a distant land full of might, magic, and beautiful girls. Fight through a world full of dangers and monsters as you unlock new heroes and power up your team with the ultimate weapons and combos. Explore a vast land and explore new and uncharted areas as you progress further into 武娘-可愛萌妹大進擊.

武娘-可愛萌妹大進擊 features amazing graphics and intriguing gameplay that will have even the most hardened RPG fan hooked. Play through an epic storyline, form a mighty alliance, and fight for the fate of the world when you play 武娘-可愛萌妹大進擊 on Mac and PC.

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