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Cube Magic Interactive
Role Playing
4.5/5 ( 424 )

Last Update July 8, 2019

Content Rating

Violence, Blood, Crude Humor

A Ghost Story Meant For All Ages

Yokai: Spirit Hunt looks like a traditional Chinese Coloring book that was transformed into a wonderful game. You will explore a spirit world that is filled with soothing sounds that in an instance, can turn it into hunting ones that can give you the chills. Explore foggy areas and make sure that you’re not attacked by evil yokai spirits. The year is 1008 AD, and a rift was opened into our world, freeing thousands of demons into our world. The only person that confronted this start of the apocalypse, was Emperor Song Zhenzong, and his most powerful Taoists Priests. Could they stand a chance against thousands of demons? Maybe with your help! You are a Jiang Zhuo Yue, a trainee priest, and you follow your senpai throughout the lands, in search for these evil spirits in order to eradicate them. At one point, you will be by yourself, and the spirits will become more and more powerful. Your main goal is to destroy the Eight Demon Masters and to bring peace back to your lands.

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How to Play Yokai: Spirits Hunt on PC

  • 1 Install BlueStacks and run the installer
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  • 3 Yokai: Spirits Hunt Go to the search bar at the top-right corner and search for Yokai: Spirits Hunt
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  • 6 You're all done! Enjoy playing Yokai: Spirits Hunt on your PC.

The game campaign is challenging and you will find yourself exploring the most haunting places that you have ever seen. You will have a group of companions that will always be by your side in this fight against evil. The battles are turn-based and you will have special skills and combos that you can use against your enemies. Combine them perfectly and your attacks will be unstoppable. When you play Yokai: Spirits Hunt on PC with BlueStacks, you can make your life easier by mapping all your favorite keys to enjoy challenging battles at a different level. The board will show you how far you can attack, and you will enjoy combining different skillsets depending on what characters are fighting for you.

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As you go through the chapters you will find that Yokai: Spirits Hunt is more than just a game. The story will take you beyond your imagination and you will know deep inside that this story has to be shared. When you play Yokai: Spirits Hunt on PC with BlueStacks, you can share your experience with just a few clicks. Show the world your demon battles and prepare them for a new type of adventure. An ancient scroll is in your protection and you have to try your best to keep it safe. Summon daily demons and add them to your collection, and build a party that can fight off any yokai!

Yokai: Spirits Hunt

Cube Magic Interactive