Play SimplePlanes on PC

Jundroo, LLC
Last Update
September 14, 2016
4.4/5 ( 8,600 )
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Design and Fly the Airplane of Your Dreams

If you have ever wanted to design your own airplane, check out SimplePlanes on Mac and PC for a great time. Not only is the power in your hands to design and build your very own plane from thousands of parts, but then you get to head out into the Wild Blue and take her for a spin. This isn't some basic flight simulation game, though. Every piece and part you snap in place will affect the plane's flight and performance. With so many parts available, you can create anything from a World War II warbird to a dragon or space station. Hitting the realism home, your plane will take on real-time damage during fights. Watch as your creation literally falls apart – one piece at a time. Build awesome flying machines and complete tough challenges to earn rewards, unlock new planes, and more. Play SimplePlanes on PC and Mac to experience flight simulation the way it was meant to be.

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