1. Explore a Massive Post-Apocalyptic MMORPG World
  2. Create Unique Characters to Show Off Your Creative Potential
  3. Discover Settlements and Collaborate with Countless NPCs
  4. Enjoy Fast-Paced and Thrilling Battles

Whenever a game strikes it big in the market of certain genres, such as in the case of Genshin Impact for gacha RPGs, the inevitable outcome is that a stream of copycats and imitators start to pop up soon after, in an attempt to dethrone the king. And while it took them a while in this case, the first proper “Genshin Impact Killer” has finally been released in the form of the new Tower of Fantasy gacha RPG.

The Highly Anticipated Tower of Fantasy is Finally Out: Here’s Our Review

Tower of Fantasy is developer’s Level Infinite’s response to the Genshin Impact phenomenon; an open-world adventure RPG where players can explore using a variety of movement options, and also fight in intense real-time action battles with a fast-paced combat system. In between these two main game modes, there is also a lot to discover, including numerous settlements with a ton of quests in each; lots of different charming NPCs to interact with, and several different weapon types and characters to unlock, as well as a bunch of collectibles and other items to farm and grind for. 

As far as content goes, Tower of Fantasy has a lot to offer. But is the game actually good? Well, we’ll let you be the judge of that. In this article, however, we’re going to give you a a glimpse and a review of the core features in Tower of Fantasy, so that you know exactly what to expect from this brand new Genshin Impact-inspired game.

Explore a Massive Post-Apocalyptic MMORPG World

While Tower of Fantasy definitely has many identical elements to Genshin Impact, the game is set in the vastly different world of Aida, after an extinction event dubbed the “Omnium Disaster” nearly wiped out the entire civilization on the planet. This event was triggered from the radiation of the nearby comet Mara, which the Aida civilization was mining for its Omnium, a substance known for its highly energetic properties.

The Highly Anticipated Tower of Fantasy is Finally Out: Here’s Our Review

After the disaster wiped out most of the population, the top scientists in Aida united and founded Hykros in order to research suppressors that would block the incoming radiation and allow them to create spaces where the people could continue living, and the extraction of Omnium to resume. This research also delved into other aspects such as energy, biological mutations, and even temporal manipulation. However, there are some that view Omnium as the root of all evil, with the most prevalent of these being the self-proclaimed “Heirs of Aida”. This group will do everything in their power to fight against Hykros and permanently stop Omnium research.

The game itself starts off similarly to Genshin, in that the two potential protagonists are exploring some ruins, when suddenly they come under attack by a huge three-headed dog, prompting the player to choose whether they want to go with the male or female, upon which the adventurers are separated and the tutorial starts. This introductory sequence is short but sweet, giving players insight into the combat and skills systems, as well as a sneak peek of how fun and exciting battling can be.

Shortly after, you’re presented with the actual world when you finish the tutorial and arrive at your first settlement. Here is where you’ll learn about questing and NPCs, as well as where you’ll be able to customize your own appearance, and where you’ll discover different ways to travel the land, one of which being a jetpack that is functionally similar to the glider in Genshin Impact.

The Highly Anticipated Tower of Fantasy is Finally Out: Here’s Our Review

One important thing we have to mention about the world is that, in contrast with Genshin Impact’s setting, Tower of Fantasy is actually a shared-world MMORPG, which means that you will frequently run into other players during your travels. Whether you choose to interact or group up with these players is entirely up to you, but we think it’s a nice touch, regardless.

Create Unique Characters to Show Off Your Creative Potential

As we mentioned just now, Tower of Fantasy lets you create your own character shortly after completing the tutorial, with a creator system that is actually quite robust, giving players tons of freedom when it comes to making their own unique creations and appearances. However, this creative freedom, in a way, goes against the design of Simulacra, which are the game’s unlockable characters. This is because, when deployed, these Simulacra replace your original creation for the appearance of special heroes.

The Highly Anticipated Tower of Fantasy is Finally Out: Here’s Our Review

Luckily, the Simulacra are not mandatory and they are only cosmetic changes. And even if you get a hero that you don’t like, you’ll still unlock their special weapons along with their appearances, so you can continue kicking butt with your own OC.

Discover Settlements and Collaborate with Countless NPCs

Your travels through the world of Tower of Fantasy will take you across a vast open world where you will find tons of different allies and enemies alike. More than that, you’ll also come across many hubs where you can pick up missions, help out NPCs, and receive rewards for your hard work.

The Highly Anticipated Tower of Fantasy is Finally Out: Here’s Our Review

Whenever you’re out and about exploring Aida, make sure to keep an eye peeled for settlements and other places where you can meet new characters and players, as well as pick up new quests that you can complete to get great rewards.

Enjoy Fast-Paced and Thrilling Battles

The crown jewel in Tower of Fantasy are definitely the battles, which revolve around a free-form combo-based action combat system, much akin to the one in action games like Devil May Cry; and yes, just like in Genshin Impact as well. And just like in Genshin, your combos and skills are completely dependent on your currently equipped weapon. As such, as you unlock new Simulacra, along with their weapons, you will get much more diversity when it comes to fighting bosses and other tough enemies.

The Highly Anticipated Tower of Fantasy is Finally Out: Here’s Our Review

This is without mentioning the quality of the visuals in Tower of Fantasy, which definitely rival the ones of Genshin Impact to a T. And while the game is available natively on PC, its requirements are a bit steep, at least if you want to get the best performance and graphics. However, by playing Tower of Fantasy on PC with BlueStacks, you can get the best experience, without having to break the bank on an expensive phone, nor on a gaming PC. Our Android app player can provide the best gameplay, with a fraction of the requirements.

In conclusion, Tower of Fantasy is a strong contender when it comes to the mobile MMORPG genre, with one of its main highlights being the vast, open, and shared world where players can meet up and collaborate towards common goals. Whether you like playing these gacha RPGs for collecting the characters, or simply for passing the time by completing dailies and defeating tough world bosses, you’ll likely find something to do in Aida. 

Whether the game takes off or flounders is anyone’s guess. But as far as the enjoyment factor is concerned, we strongly suggest giving Tower of Fantasy a look as there is definitely tons of potential here.