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A Surprise Awaits You, Winners from BlueStacks “12 Days of Christmas Giveaways” Event

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Recently, BlueStacks hosted its first-ever Giveaway, “12 Days of Christmas Giveaways for its entire community for all the love and support they have showered on BlueStacks over the years. 

In the giveaway, several community events were conducted daily between December 25 and January 6, consisting of fun tasks and missions. The challenges put forward for the BlueStacks community users included assigning captions based on given prompts, spotting specific details about the games in shared screenshots, and various other challenges on different social platforms.

Enough talk; let’s head over to the list of winners from each of the twelve days of the Christmas Giveaway!

Day 1 – Let’s Play Detective!!

From Facebook – DarkLight Brawl Stars

From Twitter – James@88k8y

From YouTube – Infinite Shadow YT

Day 2 – Unravel the mystery!

From Facebook – Aashish Pant

From Instagram – mr_cool_playz

From YouTube – Naveen Sanadya

Day 3 – I Know this game!

From Facebook – Wei Jan Ho

From Twitter – The Mad Titan@TitanianEternal

Day 4 – Quirky Captions!

From Instagram – dontlaughmuchbutsmile

Day 5 – What’s your Favorite Android Game on BlueStacks?

From Twitter – Cactusyack Estudios@CactusyaEstudi

Day 6 – Share and Win!

From Facebook – Daniel Celinski

From Twitter – Nicolo@Nymo

Day 7 – Guess the game. Wrong Answers Only!

From Facebook – Lucas Korell

From Twitter – Yukti Khanna@YuktiKhanna1

Day 8 – Spot the Difference

From Facebook – Chel Ghame

From Twitter – shark@sharkblox1

Day 9 – Follow @Bluestacksinc

From Facebook – Jerome Castilloux

From Instagram– josiahfam

Day 10 – #ILoveBlueStackscoz

From Facebook – Ark German

From Twitter – totallynormal@AashishPant13

Day 11 – Quiz 

From Facebook – Jordan Pin

From Instagram – Gabriel Medeiros @bielbattleground

Day 12 – Test-my-luck-Day!

From Facebook – Josh Lawson

From Twitter – Sonu Kushwaha@Sonukus68648351

Heartfelt congratulations to all the winners of BlueStacks “12 Days of Christmas Giveaways.” Note that each winner mentioned above will receive a $50 Google Play Gift Card from BlueStacks. We will be contacting you on your social media handles/DMs. So, if you see your name in here, you’ll hear from us very soon! 🙂

Note- The winners will have 7 days from the day of contact to reply. In case of forfeit/non-reply, BlueStacks will draw new winner(s).

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