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BlueStacks 5.1.100 Has the Fastest Boot Times in the Market

Remember back when we said that BlueStacks 5 is the fastest and lightest our Android app player has ever been, easily blowing the other competitors out of the water with its superior optimizations, enhanced features, large game library, and massive community of gamers? Well, in the spirit of transparency we’ve gone ahead and ran some tests to prove our statements, and, as expected, we found that BlueStacks still reigns supreme among the rest. Most notably, our Android app player has many features and optimizations that make it considerably faster than the others, especially regarding the emulator’s boot times.

Now, we don’t really need to stress how important boot times are for an emulator—they’re basically the difference between jumping into your favorite games in seconds, and having to go AFK while the emulator boots up so you can launch your favorite games a few minutes later. Suffice to say, no one likes waiting, and that’s why we went all out with BlueStacks 5.1.100, so you can get into the game as fast as possible.

Boot Time Improvements

BlueStacks 5.1.100 is the fastest emulator in terms of boot times, compared to competing platforms, according to our tests. To be more specific, we tested our emulator hundreds of times in three machine configurations, and saw the following results in boot times:

  • Intel – MI2: 7.59 seconds.
  • Nvidia – MN3: 8.3 seconds.
  • AMD – MA1: 11.03 seconds.

From these results, we can see that, at the latest, you’d only have to wait 11 seconds before getting into the game, which is very fast, indeed!

BlueStacks 5 Compared to its Competitors

However, while these numbers are quite small and boot times are as short as they’ve ever been, how do they measure up against other emulators? Well, we also compared our Android app player against some of its most popular competitors and found the following:

Intel – MI2

  • BlueStacks 5.1.100: 7.59 seconds.
  • Competitor #1: 19.68 seconds.
  • Competitor #2: 17.95 seconds.
  • Competitor #3: 28.99 seconds.

Nvidia – MN3

  • BlueStacks 5.1.100: 8.3 seconds.
  • Competitor #1: 18.96 seconds.
  • Competitor #2: 17.3 seconds.
  • Competitor #3: 30.2 seconds.


  • BlueStacks 5.1.100: 11.03 seconds.
  • Competitor #1: 25.95 seconds.
  • Competitor #2: 25.98 seconds.
  • Competitor #3: 47.7 seconds.

BlueStacks 5.1.100 Has the Fastest Boot Times in the Market

These numbers show that BlueStacks 5 is, at the very least, over two times faster than other competing platforms, easily overshadowing its main competitors, and making it the best Android app player in the market. But don’t take our word for it; download it now and see for yourself!

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