16 Bruh Moments on Vine

The Bruh Button used right. 16 hilarious and amazing Bruh moments.

1.  When you’re about to get your groove on but someone pulls the plug…

That’s just messed up.

2. …Or when you try to scare your dad, but it doesn’t go as planned.

Bad luck or karma?

3. Bruh can also be used in place of “Wow…”

…. or no words

4. Bruh, anything is possible…

Except maybe blind football…

5.  Graduation is a big day, you deserve a victory dance.

At least it’s graduation and not So You Think You Can Dance.

6.  Just because we’re in a falling mood…

…doesn’t mean everyone has to go down too, bruh.

7.  When a 5 yr. old got more balls than you

Sorry, not sorry.

8. Bruh, isn’t the point to win money?

Wait, did anyone else notice the person before him couldn’t say “dog” or “cat” or “pig” either…?!

9.  No words…

10. Damn, that was pretty loud.

Hopefully his next question is “Are you okay?”

11.  When you ask your homie for a fresh cut…

but you get this after you told him “Sorry bruh, I’m broke”

12. In all seriousness…


13. It’s cute when it happens to a puppy

14. #goals

Or maybe a tangerine?

15.  Taking the “family” part in Family Feud a bit too literal


16. Where it all began…


16 Bruh Moments on Vine