BlueStacks Roundups

7 Games You Want to Run Into

  1. Temple Run and Temple Run 2. Temple Run is a classic when it comes to running mobile/tablet games.  It’s super addictive which is why it’s still around –hands down, one of the best mobile running games.
  2. Run the Joint. In Run the Joint, you are 2 balls on a chain and you have to run through the levels. As the stages progresses, they will start turning in in different directions to make the game even more challenging. On top of rotating levels, you may also be chased by dogs or dodging missiles. This game requires a lot of concentration, don’t  let the pressure get to you.
  3. Running Fred. Running Fred is a fun and gory running game!  Keep Fred alive and escape the traps before you as Fred, meet your disastrous and bloody death. This game is full of dark humor and great acrobatics.
  4. Looney Tunes Dash. Visit your childhood with Looney Tunes Dash! You can play as Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird or run away from the Coyote as Road Runner. Each character has a special running power, so it should be fun to unlock them all and master them.
  5. Run Sackboy Run. This is a cute little running game with themes colors and music that kind of remind you Kirby or other Nintendo games. You can dress Sackboy in costumes such as a dinosaur, princess and many others. This game gives you a sense of nostalgia without literally being Super Mario.
  6. Fast Like a Fox. This game has cool changing words as your fox runs through quickly and swiftly. The most interesting thing about this game is that you tap the back of your phone or tablet to make your fox run!  A very unique way to play a running game.
  7. Fun Run Multiplayer. You can’t say no to a multiplayer game! Fun Run allows you to play at real time with your friends. Compete with each other and see who can score the highest. Competition makes any game a ton more fun.

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