7 Study Break Games

The purpose of games is to relieve stress, right? Games feed our needs to be entertained or to escape from our current realities in order to enter another. We used to be limited to board games and whatnot but as time and technology progressed and now we have computer games, various consoles, and even our phones. Android games is the quickest way to access a stress relieving game. Here are 7 games that are easy enough to relieve your stress but challenging enough to keep you interested.

Word Search. Pretty straight forward. A classic time killer.

AA Series. This game is super minimalistic but can get challenging. The levels are short enough to keep me going even when I have to start over…which is sometimes often.  It’s not entirely deal-breaking to start over and build my way back up

Jelly Jump. Jelly jump is an arcade type game where you jump up the levels. Again, not so heart wrenching…until you get one away from your highest score. Very Flappy Bird-esque but there’s just something about that jelly that makes this game a winner.

Escape the Room. This game is almost as stressful as it is stress relieving. All you want to do is find the damn key. Sometimes it seems possible and but sometimes I find that key just like that, then feeling like the smartest person ever is the best stress reliever.

2048. Unlike many of you, I still have not learned the pattern to this, and I remain uninterested of cheating to find a way to beat this game. 2048 takes up a good amount of time in just one round. A great study break game…if you’re not already doing math homework.

Magic Touch. This game is sooo fun. Kind of like Fruit Ninja but the way you swipe actually matters. Drawing simple shapes and lines is totally easy but the pressure of time makes this game intense.

And now my number 1 favorite game: Duet. This game is seriously so amazing. There are a million levels to go through so you’ll never get bored. This game is made of only 4 colors if you count black and white as colors. The best part about this game is the soundtrack. A relaxing trance-y melody that takes you into a different reality. I love how minimalistic it is, you don’t always need fancy graphics to escape.  The continuity of it shows how you should keep going on with your life. Life may get you down and you have many obstacles to get through, but everything is only part of a phase, and it will pass if you keep on keeping on!

7 games to get away…but that homework or project won’t do itself. Take a deep breath and come back to your work after a couple rounds.. or 23.

7 Study Break Games