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7 Best Board Game Apps for Android (FREE)

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Board games will never go out of touch. That will sound like a bold prediction until you remember that they have been here for a very long time. Right now, they have been adapted to different online platforms to have your favorite board games in your pocket.

If you have an Android phone, here are the top mobile board game apps that you should get and play with your friends online.

1. Monopoly

There is almost no list of board games where you won’t find the Monopoly. Thus, it is just right that we start with this one.

Monopoly Board Game

The gameplay remains the same. You play against a defined number of opponents, trying to acquire the most properties in various ways. The last player standing – determined by who has not exhausted their money stack – wins the game.

Get Monopoly Board Game on Google Play Store

2. Chess

Chess is yet another essential board game for this list.

The traditional game of Chess has its history rooted far back in time, and it has made it this far. Till now, though, it remains one of the best tests of wit, intelligence, and strategy.

Fortunately, it has been well adapted to the digital world for you too.

Chess Board Game

Looking through the game store, there are several Chess games there for you to pick. While some are paid, others are offered for free. Although, you might have to put up with some ads if you are going for most freemium picks.

We have also observed that most Chess sets ship with yet another board game. That brings us to the third pick on this list.

Get Chess Board Game on Google Play Store

3. Checkers

Some people say that Checkers is the more relaxed version of Chess. Some others believe that Checkers is for those that cannot play Chess. We do not think any of both statements.

After all, we have seen players who are great at Chess also smash checkers – and vice versa.

Likewise, the fact that the same board can be used to play both games shows that there is more correlation to them than meets the eye.

Checkers Board Game

Playing Checkers require just as much concentration as Chess, too. Make a wrong move, and you can see three (or more) of your pieces captured off the board.

The great thing about checkers is how you can make it more challenging by regional rules. Here, we have Spanish, Russian, British, and more regional rules that govern the play (movement, captures, etc.).

Get Checkers Board Game on Google Play Store

4. Scrabble

It is one thing to know a lot of words. It is another thing to arrange these words so well that they earn you the maximum points. That is what Scrabble aims to test.

Instead of being a conventional ‘spelling bee’ app, it takes spelling to the next level. You now have to apply strategy to the words that you are spelling. Otherwise, you might either be leaving too many points on the table – or opening up premium areas for your opponent.

Scrabble Board Game

Like the other picks on this list, there are multiple options to go for on the Play Store.

Get Scrabble Board Game on Google Play Store

5. Ludo

The origins of this game can be debated all day, as many countries/ regions lay claim to being the first to introduce it. No matter which area wins, though, we are glad to know that everyone can enjoy the game on their Android devices right now.

Ludo is the laid-back board game that might make you feel too comfortable until you are on the back foot. Although it is pretty straightforward, it does require your coming up with a strategy to win also.

Ludo Board Game

It goes beyond just throwing the bigger numbers – or having more tiles out than your opponent – to keep the upper hand.

Get Ludo Board Game on Google Play Store

6. Solitaire

This will look like a game for older people until you get out of it and cannot let go anymore.

Solitaire, by nature, is a highly engaging game. Forcing you to make arrangements of cards in alternating color fashion while loading a top deck, you are always careful not to ‘lock’ down a card that will come in handy later.

Solitaire Board Game

That, and you are equally conscious of getting things done in the least timeframe possible while managing minimal moves too.

Of course, you can choose to ignore those variables and play the game as it is. But then, where is the fun in all that?

Get Solitaire Board Game on Google Play Store

7. Snakes and Ladders

In the same way that Chess is closely linked to Checkers, so is Snakes and Ladders connected to Ludo. Thus, if you love Ludo already, make sure to check this one out too.

It follows the same gameplay mode dictated by the throw of dice. The main fun is combined with the excitement from landing on a ladder base – and the fear from landing squares where a snake is resting its mouth.

Snakes and Ladders Board Game

The longer the ladder, the better the climb. The longer the snake, the worse the drop. That just about summarizes it all.

Saying it that way, though, does not represent all the unique fun that the game brings to the table. Download one for yourself and see what we are talking about.

Get Snakes and Ladders Board Game on Google Play Store

Enjoy the Board Games

Those are our picks of unconventional board games that you should get for your Android device right now.

Whether you are playing alone or with an offline opponent, you can get a better view of the board when you port the game to your PC with BlueStacks. Nothing beats the big screen experience with board games sometimes, especially as that could simulate the scale of the actual game for you.


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