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Top 5 Android Games You Must Try on PC

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

  1. Alto’s Odyssey (Free)
  2. Among Us (Free)
  3. State of Survival (Free)
  4. Rise of Kingdoms (Free)
  5. AFK Arena (Free)

Video games are really fun to play on mobile devices. The small screens and compact devices allow for easy transportation, and the touch screen makes playing the game very intuitive. But imagine if you could play these same games on your computer, with a bigger screen and more accurate controls? With the help of BlueStacks, you can do exactly this. Here are 5 Android games that you must try playing on your PC. 

1. Alto’s Odyssey (Free)

Alto’s Odyssey is a visually stunning and captivating endless runner game developed by Noodlecake. Serving as a sequel to the critically acclaimed Alto’s Adventure, this game takes players on a breathtaking journey through mesmerizing landscapes, challenging obstacles, and exhilarating gameplay. While Alto’s Odyssey does not have a traditional plot line, it immerses players in a serene and mystical world, inviting them to embark on an endless sandboarding adventure.

Alto’s Odyssey is simple but addicting gameplay. Alto, the protagonist, is controlled by the players as he glides smoothly past sand dunes, ancient temples, and other magnificent locations. The goal is to negotiate the ever-changing terrain while performing tricks and earning cash. The controls are simple and straightforward, with one-touch mechanisms for jumping, backflipping, and grinding on rails. Players must respond swiftly to avoid obstacles, do tricks to get points, and maintain their speed to reach high scores, therefore timing and precision are essential.

Alto’s Odyssey’s amazing sights and dynamic weather system are two of its most notable features. The game has a stunning and ever-changing landscape that evolves as players progress. Each location is a visual feast for the eyes, from vivid sunsets and starry nights to furious sandstorms and breathtaking auroras. The attention to detail and the seamless transition from day to night create a captivating ambiance that lures players further into the game world. A relaxing and evocative soundtrack complements the images and adds to the immersive experience.

Top 5 Android Games You Must Try on PC

Alto’s Odyssey also features distinct gameplay aspects that distinguish it from other endless runner games. Wall riding, balloon bouncing, and tornado surfing are among the new mechanics introduced in the game. These features provide additional difficulties and chances for creative techniques, adding complexity and variation to the gameplay. 

The game also has a photo mode, which allows users to shoot and share breathtaking images from their sandboarding adventures. This feature invites players to admire the visual beauty of the game and to share their personal experiences with others.

Alto’s Odyssey also has a strong sense of adventure and discovery. Throughout the game, players will come across secret places and unlockable characters with unique skills. Discovering hidden paths and unlocking new characters provides a feeling of growth and excitement to the game, motivating players to go deeper into it and uncover its mysteries. Furthermore, the game includes a number of goals and challenges that provide extra objectives beyond high scores, giving players a sense of achievement and rewarding their talent and patience.

Top 5 Android Games You Must Try on PC

Alto’s Odyssey takes a zen-like approach to gameplay as well. With no time constraints or pressures, the game invites players to unwind and enjoy the experience. The quiet and serene setting, along with the smooth gaming mechanics, produces a sense of flow and immersion. It allows players to escape the strains of daily life and find peace and tranquillity within the gaming environment.

Finally, Alto’s Odyssey is a graphically spectacular and engrossing infinite runner game for Android. While it lacks a typical plot, its engaging gameplay, gorgeous aesthetics, and unique features set it apart. The basic yet addictive mechanics, together with the dynamic weather system and sense of exploration, make for an engrossing and engaging experience for players of all ages. Alto’s Odyssey presents an aesthetically stunning and emotionally compelling sandboarding voyage, whether players are looking for a tranquil and zen-like experience or a thrilling and hard adventure.

With over ten million downloads, Alto’s Odyssey is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

2. Among Us (Free)

InnerSloth’s Among Us is a hugely popular multiplayer game on the Android platform. Players take on the roles of crew members aboard a spaceship or an imposter hiding among them in this social deduction game. The plot of the game centers around the crew members’ efforts to fulfill various jobs as well as identify and eliminate imposters before they wreck the ship and kill everyone.

Among Us’ gameplay is both easy and addictive. The game begins with a number of players joining a session, with a few of them chosen at random to be imposters. The crew members must collaborate to fulfill chores distributed across the spaceship while keeping an eye out for any suspicious behavior from the imposters. 

Top 5 Android Games You Must Try on PC

The imposters’ purpose, on the other side, is to surreptitiously eliminate crew members and cause mayhem without being identified. Communication and deduction are crucial as players argue about who they believe is the imposter. Each game is tense and suspenseful as participants try to outwit and deceive one another.

Among Us has various distinguishing features that add to its appeal. As players must communicate and collaborate to detect the imposters, the game fosters social engagement and collaboration. Discussions at emergency meetings or casual discussions allow players to communicate their observations, suspicions, and alibis. This social factor creates an atmosphere of suspicion and intrigue, making every charge and defense a thrilling and emotional experience.

Special skills and tasks are also introduced in the game, adding depth to the action. To keep the spaceship running, crew members must accomplish a sequence of duties. These tasks range from power distribution to cable repair and ID card scanning. Completing tasks not only advances the game but also acts as proof of a player’s innocence. Imposters, on the other hand, must deceive other players and blend in by claiming to finish chores while actively looking for opportunities to destroy crew members without being detected.

Among Us includes a number of maps with varying backgrounds and challenges. Each map offers a distinct gameplay experience, whether it’s the limited interiors of the spaceship, the frozen terrain of Polus, or the futuristic architecture of The Airship. The many layouts and barriers allow players strategic maneuvers and ambushes, adding to the game’s overall richness and replayability.

The option to personalize characters is another important element of Among Us. To customize their in-game character, players can select from a variety of colorful clothing, hats, and pets. This personalization adds a lighter and more enjoyable element to the game, allowing players to express their creativity and uniqueness while navigating the deadly environment of the spaceship.

Top 5 Android Games You Must Try on PC

Among Us also supports cross-platform multiplayer, allowing Android users to play with friends on other platforms like PC or iOS. This feature increases the number of participants and encourages a wider and more diverse community, ensuring that gamers can always find a group of friends or strangers to play with.

Finally, Among Us has become quite famous due to its fascinating plotline, unique gameplay elements, and social deduction methods. Players are kept on the tip of their seats by the game’s ability to create tension and suspense through social interaction, along with the exciting gameplay of accomplishing tasks and spotting imposters. The different maps and personalization choices provide depth and replayability, ensuring that each session seems fresh and thrilling. Whether players are crew members fighting to survive or imposters aiming to deceive, Among Us provides an immersive and exhilarating experience that is both approachable and enjoyable for players of all skill levels.

With over five hundred million downloads, Among Us is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store

3. State of Survival (Free)

State of Survival is a captivating strategy game developed by KingsGroup Holdings for the Android platform. Set in a post-apocalyptic world infested with zombies, the game combines elements of base-building, resource management, and combat to provide an immersive and challenging gameplay experience. The plotline of State of Survival revolves around a group of survivors who must band together to rebuild civilization, fend off hordes of zombies, and uncover the secrets behind the outbreak.

In State of Survival, players take on the role of a survivor and must construct and expand their own community in a world invaded by the undead. Players will encounter a diverse range of characters as they move through the game, each with their own set of skills and powers. These individuals are important in the game since they can be assigned to jobs like harvesting resources, defending the town, or commanding armies in combat.

Top 5 Android Games You Must Try on PC

State of Survival’s gameplay is diverse, combining strategic decision-making with tactical fighting. To ensure the survival and growth of their society, players must manage and upgrade their colony, construct various buildings, and allocate resources properly. Furthermore, players can establish alliances with other players, boosting cooperation and coordination in order to face larger tasks and engage in collaborative endeavors.

Combat is an important part of State of Survival. To protect their town or launch attacks on zombie-infested areas and competing players’ territories, players can recruit and train a varied assortment of forces, including infantry, snipers, and heavy machine gunners. Real-time battles require players to strategize and deploy their forces properly in order to win. A hero system is also included in the game, allowing players to recruit and level up powerful heroes with unique talents and abilities that can shift the tide of battle.

In addition, State of Survival features a gripping narrative that develops through a series of tasks and objectives. These missions provide players with goals and obstacles that advance the plot and grant prizes upon success. The plot gives complexity and context to the gameplay, keeping players interested and immersed in the game environment, along with well-developed characters and engrossing cutscenes.

The exploration component of State of Survival is one of its distinctive elements. Beyond their colony, players can explore the huge, zombie-infested landscape. They may come across hostile survivors, unearth priceless resources, and uncover secret riches on their travels. Exploration creates a sense of discovery and adventure, giving players more options for gameplay and rewards.

Top 5 Android Games You Must Try on PC

In addition, State of Survival offers players recurring events and activities that give them the chance to participate in competitions and earn special rewards. Players can put their talents to the test, get rare things, and move up leaderboards by participating in these events, which range from time-limited challenges to seasonal events. These occurrences are dynamic, which keeps the action interesting and motivates people to keep playing. The acoustic and visual components of State of Survival are of the highest caliber. The post-apocalyptic setting’s atmosphere and intensity are further enhanced by the game’s realistic scenery, animations, and character models, which all contribute to the immersive experience.

In conclusion, the Android platform’s State of Survival provides a captivating and engaging strategy gaming experience. The game offers a rich and varied gameplay experience with its compelling plot, base-building mechanisms, tactical combat, and exploration aspects. The game’s attractiveness is further heightened by the large cast of people, consistent plotlines, and excellent graphics and sounds. State of Survival offers a gripping and immersive experience that will keep players interested for hours on end, whether they prefer base-building, strategic fighting, or the thrill of surviving in a world overrun by zombies.

With over fifty million downloads, State of Survival is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

4. Rise of Kingdoms (Free)

Rise of Kingdoms is a popular strategy game developed by Lilith Games for the Android platform. Set in a vast and dynamic world, the game allows players to build and expand their own civilization, forge alliances, wage wars, and strive for dominance. While Rise of Kingdoms does not have a traditional plot line, it offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience with various unique features.

Rise of Kingdoms’ gameplay is focused on creating and running a prosperous empire. To grow their civilization, players must gather resources, build structures, raise armies, and conduct technological research. They begin with a small village. Players can enlarge their domain, form alliances with other players, and engage in epic conflicts as the game develops to take control of new territories and increase their influence.

Top 5 Android Games You Must Try on PC

The large list of historical leaders is one of Rise of Kingdoms’ most notable features. Famous historical personalities including Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and Alexander the Great can be recruited and trained by players to command their armies. Each commander has particular skills and aptitudes that can have a significant impact on both tactical choices and the result of battles. As players must take into account each commander’s advantages and disadvantages when assembling their armies, the variety of commanders adds complexity and strategy to the action.

The game also features an extensive alliance system that encourages players to cooperate and pursue shared objectives. Players have the ability to form or join alliances, communicate with other members, and take part in activities like uniting against formidable foes or organizing resource sharing. The alliance system promotes a sense of community and cooperation by enabling players to develop relationships, exchange ideas, and work together to solve obstacles that would be challenging to achieve individually.

Players in Rise of Kingdoms have access to a variety of activities that will help them advance and fortify their civilizations. These activities consist of learning new technologies, developing troops, obtaining resources, building and improving structures, and taking part in various quests and events. As players construct and expand their cities, discover new technologies, and appoint more potent forces, the game delivers a sense of advancement and development. Players always have something to do and objectives to work toward thanks to the complexity and variety of activities.

The large and dynamic world map of Rise of Kingdoms is another distinctive aspect of the game. The map is separated into various regions, each of which has its own resources, goals, and difficulties. To increase their power, players can explore the world, conquer new areas, and build outposts. Players can engage in severe player-versus-player (PvP) combat on the globe map. Players can engage in strategic combat, launch attacks on rival cities, defend their own lands, and engage in rivalry for ownership of lucrative resources. A dynamic and ever-changing gameplay environment is produced by the world map’s dynamic nature, which is characterized by continually changing alliances and conflicts.

Top 5 Android Games You Must Try on PC

Additionally, Rise of Kingdoms features breathtaking visuals and engrossing sounds. The game’s intricately rendered locations, structures, and units make for an eye-catching experience. The background music and sound effects further enhance the ambiance, enveloping players in the world of legendary wars and ancient civilizations.

Last but not least, Rise of Kingdoms offers a captivating and engaging strategy gaming experience on the Android platform. The game provides a plethora of gameplay options and strategic depth with its emphasis on establishing civilizations, hiring historical leaders, participating in alliances and battles, and exploring a wide and dynamic environment. Players are guaranteed a rich and interesting experience because of the vast roster of historical commanders, the alliance system, and the variety of activities. Rise of Kingdoms is a riveting and engrossing strategy game that keeps players coming back for more, regardless of whether they prefer diplomacy, combat, or the excitement of developing and expanding an empire.

With over fifty million downloads, Rise of Kingdoms is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

5. AFK Arena (Free)

AFK Arena is a popular role-playing game developed by Lilith Games for the Android platform. The game offers a unique blend of strategy and idle gameplay, making it accessible and enjoyable for players of all skill levels. While AFK Arena doesn’t have a traditional plotline, it immerses players in a world filled with epic battles, mythical heroes, and a quest for power.

In AFK Arena, players are entrusted with putting together a squad of heroes and setting out on a mission to deliver the kingdom of Esperia from the grip of evil. Esperia’s universe is populated by a wide variety of factions, each with its own history and traits. As they go through the game, players learn the mysteries of this enigmatic land and participate in combat with difficult foes and strong bosses.

Top 5 Android Games You Must Try on PC

In AFK Arena, character development, tactical choice-making, and team formation are central to gameplay. Players have access to a large range of heroes from many factions, each with special skills and advantages. Success in combat depends on strategically selecting and placing characters since different heroes work together to unleash devastating combos and abilities. As players advance through more difficult levels and face more difficult opponents, assembling a balanced and effective squad composition becomes crucial.

The “AFK” element of AFK Arena is one of its most distinctive qualities. The game is made to accommodate players who might not have the free time to play for long stretches of time. While they are offline, players can configure their heroes to automatically engage in combat and advance through stages. Players can passively gather resources and experience thanks to this gaming concept, progressing even while they are not actively playing. Due to this distinctive feature, AFK Arena is the best option for gamers seeking a more casual gaming environment without sacrificing the game’s complexity and strategic components.

A robust hero progression system is also available in AFK Arena. With the aid of the resources obtained from combat and quests, players can level up their heroes, outfit them with formidable gear, and grant them access to new powers. The game also has a distinctive “Resonating Crystal” concept that lets players boost and amp up the strength of their heroes, giving them more attributes and skills. As players build up their characters and take on harder content, this progression mechanism fosters growth and fulfillment.

The game has a variety of game modes and challenges that provide more options for gameplay and rewards. The “Campaign” mode, which is available to players, is made up of a number of connected chapters featuring progressively challenging battles. There are also “King’s Tower” challenges, where players must defeat a succession of opponent teams that get stronger. Players can earn rewards by completing the “Voyage of Wonders” mode’s distinct puzzle-like scenarios that are presented to them. Additionally, the AFK Arena has guilds where users can team up, engage in guild conflicts, and advance the guild’s development.

Top 5 Android Games You Must Try on PC

The aesthetics and art direction in AFK Arena are outstanding. Beautiful character designs, intricate landscapes, and eye-catching special effects are all present in the game. The bold and colorful art style makes for an eye-catching experience. Players are drawn deeper into the Esperia universe by the music and sound design, which also improve the immersive environment.

Finally, AFK Arena provides an enjoyable and approachable RPG experience on the Android operating system. The game appeals to a wide spectrum of players with its distinctive blend of idle action, strategic team creation, and hero advancement. An immersive and entertaining experience is made possible by the wide range of heroes, the several game types, and the breathtaking visuals. AFK Arena offers a fun and satisfying gaming experience, regardless of whether players are searching for a casual gaming experience or want to go deeply into the nuances of team building and strategic fights.

With over ten million downloads, AFK Arena is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store

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