1. Soul Knight
  2. Crossy Road
  3. Badland
  4. Glow Hockey 2
  5. Uno!
  6. How Well Do You Know Me
  7. Dots and Boxes
  8. DUAL!
  9. The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout
  10. Minecraft

While playing video games alone is very fun and enjoyable, being able to play them with your friends makes the experience even better. From trash talking and taunting each other, to playing on the same team and expressing joy when you win a game together, playing video games with friends is lively and fun and something that you can enjoy on your mobile phone. Here is a list of the ten best Android games for two players. This list is a mix of games that can be played by two players on the same device or games that allow two or more players to play together using the multiplayer mode.

1. Soul Knight (Free)

Soul Knight is the first game on our list of the top Android games for two players. This game was created by ChillyRoom in 2017, and it has been a huge hit ever since, with over 50 million downloads in four years. The background of the game is pretty straightforward. Aliens have taken the mystical stone that keeps the Soul Knight universe balanced, and it’s up to you, the protagonist, to recover it and restore the planet’s equilibrium.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

Soul Knight is a classic vintage shooter with a variety of characters to pick from and several levels to complete. There are other weapons to pick from as well. You’ll come across four distinct (all really amazing) weapons within the first five minutes of playing, including the machete and the good old blaster. There are 17 distinct playable characters in the game, each with its own set of skills, characteristics, and starting weaponry. There are over 270 weapons in the game, all of which may be acquired and utilized by the player. Another intriguing feature of this game is that the dungeon in which you play is random and varies each time you play it, making it much more fascinating and enjoyable to play.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

Soul Knight also has a brilliant multiplayer mode that allows up to four players to play together. Once the host enables the other players to join them, they can choose from three different modes to play in multiplayer. These modes include Badass mode, Boss Rush mode, and Challenge Conditions. For the latter, the conditions are randomly picked by the game itself. Playing in multiplayer mode allows you to unlock bigger chests, get more chests in the Champion room, and also get more individual Gold and Energy orb material. You can also play Soul Knight on your PC. 

With over fifty million downloads, Soul Knight is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

2. Crossy Road (Free)

Crossy Road, which is based on the enormously popular arcade game Frogger, is next on our list. The goal of the game is straightforward. You control a character (by default, a chicken) who must dodge obstacles for as long as possible. The game was created by Hipster Whale in 2011 as a parody of the joke “Why did the chicken cross the road?” Crossy Road, unlike Frogger, has no end and may carry on indefinitely as long as the player avoids obstacles.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

The game’s controls are also straightforward, with a single tap on the top or bottom of the screen to go up or down, and a swipe left or right to move in either direction. The player is confronted with a variety of hazards, including autos, rivers, and railroad tracks. It is possible to get captured by a bald eagle and have the game finish because you took too much time to relocate your character. From the Chicken to the Android Logo, there are many different characters to meet and interact with within this game. There are around 204 characters that can be unlocked using in-game currency, with another 12 characters that can only be unlocked using green tokens, which are won through viewing advertisements or achieving high rankings on the scoreboard. Its visuals and musical effects transport you back to the golden age of arcade gaming, which explains why it has become so successful, amassing more than 50 million downloads in only three months from its initial release date.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

Crossy Road has also introduced a local multiplayer in which up to four players can join the party to play the game together. While the point of the game remains the same- to attain as high a score as possible- you will now be able to play the game with your friends. The game only ends when all four players have died, so in case you’re the only one who’s left, you can trace back your path to revive your friends who have died and then continue playing the game. The game also has a same device multiplayer mode in which two users can play the game on the same device using a split-screen. Enjoy Crossy Road on your PC with BlueStacks.

With over a hundred million downloads, Crossy Road is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store. 

3. Badland (Free)

In 2013, Frogmind Games released their first game, Badland, which remains one of the greatest Android games you can play right now. Badland is available for both Android and PC. The game allows its users only one control: you must tap the screen in order to make your character fly up and forwards. The main character in the game is not human and has not been given a name either. If there were one way to characterize it, it would be as a floppy ball of fur that is desperately attempting to find its way out of the eponymous Badland. According to what you may have deduced from this little explanation, the primary goal of the game is to stay alive. In order to avoid falling into any of the countless traps that the game has set for it, your tiny gremlin must make every effort possible in order to survive the game. 

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

Some of these traps include spinning fans, saws, pistons, and other booby traps, all of which are strategically placed throughout the game with the express purpose of putting you to death as quickly as possible. The game is ruthless in that way, killing off the character several times, which many users have said leads to a lot of frustration, but once you complete a level, the sense of accomplishment you feel is unparalleled. In addition, there are various other sorts of power-ups scattered throughout the levels, which you must utilize in order to complete these levels. Depending on the power-up, your character might be either smaller or larger. Some power-ups can spit forth many clones of your character, which can be quite beneficial when playing the game. For example, there are a few very difficult stages in which it is critical that you have numerous clones since most of them will die and there is just a slight chance that one of the clones will survive long enough to allow you to continue playing.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

The game is quite brutal in its treatment of its players. There are no close escapes, no lucky draws, and no hacks or shortcuts that will make the game simpler for you to play in this version. If you make a mistake, you will perish. And it is precisely because of this harsh atmosphere that the game is both unpleasant and gratifying at the same time. It’s quite rewarding when you finally complete a level that you’ve been stuck on for a long time. The game’s severity is reflected in the way it is presented visually as well. The game has a dark and earthy color scheme, and all of the traps in the game are shown in shadow, with none of them being plainly visible to the player at any time. Badland also has a multiplayer mode which allows up to four players to play on the same device for over 20 levels, with more multiplayer levels coming in the future. Try playing Badland on PC.

With over ten million downloads, Badland is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

4. Glow Hockey 2 (Free)

If you’ve ever been to an arcade you would know how incredibly fun it is to play air hockey with your friends. Playing air hockey quickly makes you incredibly competitive, and it is hard to recreate that kind of an experience with games on your phone; until now. Glow Hockey 2 brings the experience of playing air hockey to your mobile device, with up to two players being able to play the game on the same phone. If you haven’t played air hockey or Glow Hockey 2 before, the rules of the game are very simple and the game is easy to play. The game is in the form of an air hockey table where each side has a slit at the bottom. A puck is placed in the center of the table and each player is given a hockey paddle which they can use to hit the puck. The main objective of the game is to hit the puck so that it lands in the slit of the opposing player, while also guarding your own slit so that your opponent doesn’t score on you. You can hit the puck on the sides of the table in order to make it move at various angles. Hitting the puck with speed will make it move faster and for a longer distance, while hitting it slowly will do the opposite.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

While the rules are simple and the game is easy to play, it can get incredibly difficult and competitive when playing the game with another user. Not only do you have to share the same device and hit the puck on opposite sides of the screen, but the player can also distract you and score on you in many ways. In this sense, Glow Hockey 2 also becomes a game of intelligence and strategy, where you try to hit the puck at certain angles and at certain speeds so that your opponent gets confused and you are able to score on them with ease. You and your opponent must try their best to get to 7 points first, and the one who scores seven times wins. The game also has a single-player mode where you play against an AI in case you’re alone and feeling up for some Glow Hockey 2. 

The game comes with three different and distinct themes, and each theme has a glowing table, a glowing puck, and glowing paddles. The graphics are minimalistic but very well made, with the smooth movement of the puck as well as of the paddles. You need not worry about your stick not moving as you want it to since the game is very responsive and sensitive to touch. As is the case with air hockey in real life, in the game too the puck moves quickly and easily since it is placed on a bed of constantly flowing air at the bottom. Play the most amazing Glow Hockey 2 on PC with BlueStacks.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

With over fifty million downloads, Glow Hockey 2 is rated 4.0 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store. 

5. Uno! (Free)

With the development of a video game adaptation of one of the world’s most popular card games, we now have the opportunity to play it with our friends and family members across the world. This version of the famous card game, Uno, was developed by Mattel and is now available for download on your mobile phone. Uno! is a shedding-type card game in which the main purpose is to get rid of as many cards as possible as quickly as feasible. The cards in the game are separated into three categories: color intersections, number intersections, and wild cards. There are four colors, namely, red, blue, green, and yellow, and each of these colors have cards ranging from 0 to 9. There are a total of nine cards in each of these colors. Aside from this, each color includes a set of special cards that have capabilities such as skipping the next player’s turn, changing the sequence in which the game is played, or commanding a player to draw an additional two cards from the deck when they are dealt a special card. Lastly, there are the wild cards, which include the Draw 4 card, which causes the next player to draw four cards, and Wild, which allows a player to change the color of the playing deck to any of the four colors.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

In order to begin the game, each player is dealt seven random cards from the shuffled deck, and a random number card is placed in front of everyone who will be participating. In order to begin playing, the player who initiates the game must play a card that is either the same color as the starting card or the same number as the starting card. In the case of a green 8, for example, the player whose hand it is must either play a green card of any number, or an 8 card of any color, depending on the situation. As a result, the game continues in a clockwise fashion (unless someone plays a reverse card, in which case the game moves in the opposite direction). As soon as a player has only one card remaining in their hand, they must exclaim “Uno!” to alert the other players that they are about to win.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

The app is an exact duplicate of the real-life game Uno!, with the extra convenience of internet connectivity, allowing you to play with your friends and family from anywhere in the world. Alternatively, if none of your friends or family members are available to participate in a game, you can play with random players online, whom you can then add as friends in the app. The game’s graphics are crisp, clear, and bright, and all of the animations are quite well done. So, play Uno! on PC and have a fun time with your gaming buddies using BlueStacks.

With over fifty million downloads, Uno! is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

6. How Well Do You Know Me (Free)

Have you ever wondered how well your friends and family know you, and, in turn, how well you know them? How Well Do You Know Me is a fun party game that helps you find out exactly that with the help of a bunch of quizzes that have difficult and interesting questions which will put you and your friends and family to the test.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

The game is very simple. First, you answer a set of questions about yourself that the game presents to you, and once you’re done, you can present the same quiz about yourself to your loved ones in order to test how well they know you. The game requires two players to play on the same device, and with over thirteen different quizzes, you and your loved ones are sure to be entertained for a while. The quizzes are of different types and aimed at different people. There are quizzes for best friends to find out how much and how well they know each other, and you also have quizzes that can be answered by family members. Each quiz has a different set of questions that are aimed to be answered by particular groups of people. How Well Do You Know Me also has quizzes for partners and people in relationships, with questions made specifically for your loved one to answer.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

You can also play the game both ways, meaning first your loved one answers questions about you, and then you answer questions about them. At the end of the game, you get a percentage telling you how well you know your loved one or how well they know you. For example, if your quiz has ten questions, and your friend gets nine out of ten right, then they know you quite well and will receive a 90% score. You can also share your results on social media or on messaging apps such as WhatsApp, where you can invite people to take your quiz and see how well they know you. The game is simple, minimalistic, and easy to use, and it is sure to spark some interesting conversations between you and your loved ones once you take each other’s quizzes!

With over five million downloads, How Well Do You Know Me is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

7. Dots and Boxes (Free)

Dots and Boxes, published by OutOfTheBit Ltd, is the mobile version of a very popular pencil-and-paper game that was first published in the 19th Century. The objective of the game is very simple. Users have in front of them, rows and columns of dots, and the user must connect two dots, after which their opponent must connect two dots. Once most of the unconnected dots have been filled in, there will come an instance where three sides of a box will be connected. The player who connects the last side will win the box and have their initial placed inside it. To win the game, the user must have more boxes to their name than their opponent. While this may sound fairly simple, it can be extremely tough to find unconnected dots which don’t give your opponent the chance to win a box on the next turn. If a player wins a box, they also get a double turn, meaning that if there is a row of connected dots with just one connection missing, the player who wins the first box will be able to fill in the entire row, winning all of the boxes in the row.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

While this may sound complicated upon reading, playing the game makes it very simple to understand what the objective of the game is and how to go about playing it. Dots and Boxes has both a solo mode, in which you play against an AI, and a multiplayer mode, where you can choose to challenge random users online or even your friends who may be playing the game. The multiplayer mode also allows two players to play against each other on the same device, so if you’re with your friend and you have nothing to do, just open up Dots and Boxes and you are sure to be entertained for a long time. The solo mode has three different levels of difficulty, and winning matches also puts you up on the global leaderboard of the game. The game has several themes for you to choose from, each one distinct and different from the others. The user interface is simple, the controls are responsive, and you get right to the game without any delays.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

With over a million downloads, Dots and Boxes is rated 4.0 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store. 

8. DUAL!

DUAL! is one of the most creative multiplayer games to have been released on Android. The game is a local multiplayer type game, where players use two different devices to battle each other in various ways. There are three different modes on DUAL! The first mode is DUEL, in which users must tilt their phone in order to dodge the bullets coming from their opponent, charge their own weapon in order to fire at the other and anticipate where their enemy is going to be so that they can shoot them down with their own bullets. Since the game uses two different devices connected locally, users will see bullets flying into their screen from random directions (which have been shot by the other user) and will need to defend themselves by tilting their screen to avoid the bullets. The next mode is called DEFEND, in which the two users must work together to defend their middle ground from an onslaught of enemies in a multiplayer tower-defense type of situation. The final mode is known as DEFLECT in which the users must try to score goals by shooting a ball from one screen to the other and deflecting the opponents’ shots from trying to go into their goal.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

Although the DUAL! app is free to download, at least one user must have the full version of the game unlocked in order for the users to be able to play the three modes. The game supports both Bluetooth and WiFi connections, meaning that you can use either method to connect the two mobile devices and play the game with each other.

The app uses minimalistic styling and the gameplay is incredibly smooth. Although the game works really well and has little to no glitches, the connection depends on how strong your WiFi is or how close the two devices are to each other if you are connected using Bluetooth.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

With over ten million downloads, DUAL! is rated 3.8 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.

9. The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout ($6.99)

The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout is a game made by Mouldy Toof Studios that has a top-down perspective and 8-bit graphics. The main goal of the game is to get out of the prison where the user is controlling the character. You have to escape from thirteen different prisons in the game. Each level is a different prison. This is mostly a strategy game with a little bit of simulation. The player has to use all of the resources at their disposal, from stealing and trading with other inmates to using weapons to fight off guards and get out of prison. The game starts with the player having to pick a name for their character, as well as the names of other inmates and guards if they need to. This helps the user figure out who the inmates and guards are, which makes it a little easier to get out, or at least a little less crazy.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

The game tells the prisoners what they’ll have to do each day and which prisoners will have their cells checked for contraband items during morning roll calls. This is also the time when the user can break into other inmates’ cells and steal what they need from them, as well. They get to talk to each other at mealtimes, which is also when the user can ask for help from other inmates to help them get out of the prison. Other inmates in the game can help the user get hard-to-find items, distract the guards when they call the roll, and more! It also gives the user a chance to do small things for other inmates to earn their trust and get something in return that will help them get out of prison. This can include getting back stolen things or distracting the guards at roll call. Items can also be collected in the game by crafting them. Crafting is when you mix and match different items and put them together to make something new that will help you get out of prison. For example, it’s possible to get putty by mixing toothpaste and talcum powder. Putty can be used to make a fake prison guard’s key, which can be a big help in your escape.

The simulation part of the game comes into play when you have to do a lot of simple tasks to level up your character. This includes going to the library, working out, eating, going on the internet, and more. This helps you build your character’s level, intelligence, strength, speed, and power. All of these things play a part in your escape, and the higher your level is, the more likely you are to escape. Users in each prison have to complete a set of tasks, like going to work or taking a shower, on a daily basis. Even though some of these can be skipped without punishment, skipping roll calls, which are an important and non-skippable part of the daily routine, will lock down the prison. In addition, the user must make sure to hide their weapons or any other item that will help them get out of prison because guards check the cells of inmates every day. Any contraband that is found in the user’s cell is confiscated and any progress made inside the cell, like chipped walls or broken vents, is reset.

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

There are many ways for the user to get out of their prison, such as through vents, roofs, inciting riots, and so on. The method of escape will depend on the level of security in the prison. The thirteen different prison levels each have a unique style and feel to them, with different layouts, more security, and so on. The game also has a local multiplayer mode in which three different players can come together to try to escape from prison. 

With over five hundred thousand downloads, The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store.

10. Minecraft ($7.49)

Minecraft, which was initially released in 2011, has grown to become the best-selling game of all time, with over 140 million active players as of 2021. It’s a sandbox game with blocky 3D visuals, and the goal is for players to do anything they want. While this may appear strange, it is precisely what makes Minecraft so intriguing. Of course, there are game modes like survival mode, in which players must do their best to keep their health and survive in the Minecraft world, and other modes in which users must fight AI-controlled mobs, but the most popular and most played game mode is the creative mode, in which users have unlimited resources and the ability to fly. 

Top 10 Android Games For 2 Players

Users gather raw materials by mining the environment around them, collecting dirt, stone, various metal ores, water, and other such items, which they can then use as they wish, whether it be to construct a specific structure, such as a house, or to craft these various materials into something new, such as a tool that they may require in the future. The game is randomly created and almost infinite, with users having the freedom to go as far as they like, engaging with other players, working with them, or battling with them.

Minecraft also has two different multiplayer modes. The first one allows up to ten players to join your realm, which is a private server that Minecraft hosts for its users. Players can join your realm from anywhere, using any device, and they will be able to play with you on your own private server with no other distraction. The second multiplayer mode allows up to four players to play together using their free Xbox Live account. Enjoy Minecraft on your Computer.

With over ten million downloads, Minecraft is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google Play Store.