The Speedfest is all about competing for the 1st place. When you play Ace Racer, it is important to take advantage of many of the game’s features to help you gain an advantage over other Speedfest participants. In this guide, we’ll show you some tips and tricks that can help improve your driving or give more resources to upgrade your vehicle.

Drifting Styles

Drifting is very important in Ace Racer as it replenishes your nitro charge. Using nitro does not only temporarily make you faster during a race but also fills up your vehicle’s ultimate charge. There are many types of drifting in Ace Racer and each one best corresponds to a specific situation. Consider experimenting with some of these drifting styles during practice races.

4 Most Important Tips and Tricks to Ace Racer

Drifting Style Button Combination Description
Handbrake Drift Arrow key + Drift key

Press at the same time and release once at the appropriate position. Readjust your car after the drift.

This is the most basic drifting style that you can do and can be done on practically any corner on the race track. Handbrake drift grants a small to moderate amount of nitro charge.
Inertia Drift
  1. Hold Arrow key + Drift key
  2. Hold Arrow key + Drift key to perform drift

Press the first combination to start drifting, and then do the second combination and release it when the vehicle body angle is small enough.

This is similar to Handbrake Drift except that the actual drifting is done longer. Inertia drift is perfect for seamlessly driving through large and slow curves and granting a significantly large nitro charge. Recovering to the original speed takes longer after an Inertia Drift so time it perfectly.
Straight Drift
  1. Hold Arrow key + Drift key
  2. Hold the brake key to keep the vehicle sliding in a straight line

Press the first combination to start drifting and hold the brake key as your vehicle is drifting.

Straight Drift allows you to traverse safely through very sharp curves by preventing the vehicle from hitting it inward while also not sacrificing speed. In certain situations, Straight Drift is preferable to Inertia Drift.
Brake Drift
  1. Before drifting, tap the brake key.
  2. Hold Arrow key + Drift key to perform a drift.

Use the brake key to initiate the drift and use the arrow key + drift key combination for control.

Unlike the previous drifts, Brake Drift utilizes the brake pedal instead of exclusively the arrow keys and drift keys. It is very good for high-speed cornering or situations where you must be close to the inner road. 
Pendulum Drift
  1. Hold the drift key while drifting
  2. Slide your finger to the opposite arrow key.

As you are drifting, hold the drift key and then immediately slide to the opposite arrow key to perform a pendulum flick.

Pendulum Drift is very useful for race tracks that include S-curves, which require you to switch directions quickly. 
Thrust Drift
  1. Use Turbo and Nitro to speed up
  2. Hold the Arrow key + Drift key to perform a drift

When your vehicle is being sped up with Turbo, Nitro, or other means, perform a drift.

Thrust Drift grants exponentially plenty of Nitro Charge and is very useful for traversing through small corners.

Handbook Rewards

Owning cars in Ace Racer is not just about upgrading them but it is also about completing unique challenges in the handbook. 

4 Most Important Tips and Tricks to Ace Racer

The handbook is essentially a checklist of achievements pertaining to each vehicle you own. Obtaining a new car means obtaining its handbook. Each car’s handbook contains about 10 pages that individually contain 6 challenges. Upon completing all challenges, the next page is unlocked.

Handbook challenges include common racing actions such as using turbo for a certain amount of times, reaching a specific vehicle proficiency level, and the like. Some challenges can be a bit more difficult as it requires you to achieve a specific record time in Practice and Ranked races. The required time is dependent on your racer’s strengths and challenge history.

4 Most Important Tips and Tricks to Ace Racer

Completing handbook challenges is worth trying due to the possible rewards. Rewards include upgrade parts, ECUs, gift cards, and gold. With these, you can purchase various in-game items and vehicle upgrades.

License Exam

If you want to further prove that you have exceptional driving skills, you can take a license exam where you can also earn valuable prizes.

4 Most Important Tips and Tricks to Ace Racer

There are four types of licenses: the C license, B license, A license, and S license. You start out with the C license and progressively work your way through the higher licenses by completing several challenges.

4 Most Important Tips and Tricks to Ace Racer

Each license challenge requires you to accomplish one to three target goals. Most of these challenges require you to complete the racetrack within a specific time. One challenge even requires you to take a 10-item exam without getting more than two mistakes. Upon completing a license challenge, you are rewarded with gold. Upon completing all license challenges, you are rewarded with gift cards and promoted to the next license.

4 Most Important Tips and Tricks to Ace Racer

The grand prize of attaining an S license is the Aston Martin Vanquish, a supporter-role vehicle. It boasts a Futura ultimate where it crosses into another dimension to take over enemies and grants Ultimate charge to teammates within 500 meters. Teammates who make contact with the Vanquish are granted a huge Ultimate charge. Additionally, the Vanquish also becomes temporarily immune to collisions.

Daily Replenishment

When you login into Ace Racer regularly, you can receive free rewards during certain times of the day through Daily Replenishment.

4 Most Important Tips and Tricks to Ace Racer

Daily Replenishment can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Events’ button. This brings up the Bonus Events page where you can earn often limited-time rewards by participating in events and completing challenges. Find the ‘Daily Replenishment’ tab to access the free rewards.

4 Most Important Tips and Tricks to Ace Racer

The mid-day supply occurs from 11:00 to 15:00 whereas the evening supply occurs from 19:00 to 22:00. Both supplies grant 50 gift cards and 50 fuel.