Alchemy Stars continues the tradition of announcing new characters called Aurorians with their new time limited events with the latest one being “The End! The Maiden and the Ruins Extreme Depth: 873M Underground” that released on 27th January 2022. Players can check the event by logging in to the game and going to the events tab where the title reads “The Maiden and the Ruins”. The entry requirement to access the event is granted once the main story stage 1-16 cleared.

Alchemy Stars – Siobhan and Erica Guide and Review

The End! The Maiden and the Ruins Extreme Depth: 873M Underground, the latest event by Alchemy Stars bought with it a new storyline for the event, new event-specific aurorians Siobhan and Erica. In this article, we will give a brief overview of the new Aurorians coming with the Maiden and the Ruins event – Siobhan and Erica. Both the Aurorians are available to be summoned through their special time-limited recruitment. Players can summon for them using the Special Star Flares.

Alchemy Stars – Siobhan and Erica Guide and Review

Alchemy Stars gacha/summoning system is very straightforward and player-friendly. Banners are divided into event/time-limited banners and regular/rotating banners. Each banner uses up a different currency to summon – Special Star Flares and Star Flares, respectively for each type of banner. These Star Flares can be bought by using the premium currency Lumambers at an exchange rate of 300 Lumamber per Star Flare/Special Star Flare. They can also be earned via events, compensations, log-in rewards, and achievements in-game. As Siobhan and Erica are event Aurorians, they are available through their own time-limited banners. Players can summon them with the base rate of 2% just like any other 6-Star Aurorian in the game till 50 summons. After 50 summons, the rates will increase by 2.5% per summon for summoning a 6-Star Aurorian. There exists no pity for a specific character but at least players who have saved up enough summons can be assured to summon a 6-Star Aurorian with the rate up. 


Siobhan is a 6-Star Forest Fire elemental unit that is classified as a Converter type. She has a base Attack of 2614 and an HP of 7521. Her attack and HP stats are quite low compared to other 6-Star Aurorians of the same attribute. Siobhan’s active skill states she will select any tile on the map and convert 2×2 or 1×4 of nearby tiles including the selected tile to Green tiles. If the same tile is converted twice, it will become an Enhanced tile. She also decreased the cooldown of her Active skill when she reaches 15 chain combo during Aurora Time. The base cooldown on her Active Skill is 3 turns. Her Equipment ability states she gets Web Marks every turn. These Web Marks will clear all her stacks and give her a Shield equal to 15% of her Defense for every stack cleared. Her chain skills deal damage in clusters to a different number of enemies, dealing more damage according to the number of tiles traveled.

Here are her skills in detail: –

Alchemy Stars – Siobhan and Erica Guide and Review

Active Ability: Select any tile and confirm to convert 2×2 or 1×4 tiles into green tiles. Tiles that are converted twice will become Enhanced Tiles. During Aurora Time, reaches 15 Chain Combos to reduce Active Skill cooldown by 1 round.

Passive Ability: Gains Web Mark. Clears all stacks before taking damage and gains shield equal to 15% of Siobhan’s DEF for every stack cleared.

Chain Ability (4/9/13 tiles) – Deals 145% damage to the 2 nearest enemies within 4 surrounding clusters.

Deals 150% damage to the 3 nearest enemies within 4 surrounding circles.

Deals 150% damage to all enemies within 4 surrounding clusters.


Erica is a 5-Star Thunder Forest elemental Aurorian which is classified as a Support type. She has a high base Attack of 2954 and a medium HP of 8001. Erica’s Active ability states she will deal damage along a direction the player chooses and will randomly paralyze 1 enemy along the way. She will also reset all non-Yellow tiles along the way. This is just like Pittman’s active ability except the pushback is changed to paralysis. Her passive ability states she will get 4% increased damage per yellow tile she travels in a cluster and all Thunder elemental teammates will gain 50% of her damage boost as well. This ability seems really good in Mono Thunder teams as she can provide a huge damage bonus to all teammates. However, this also limits her capability in mixed elemental teams. Her chain skills deal damage in a different number of columns to enemies, dealing more damage and increasing range according to the number of tiles traveled. 

Alchemy Stars – Siobhan and Erica Guide and Review

Here are Erica’s skills in detail: –

Active Ability: Attacks in any one of the 4 directions and deals 210% damage to enemies along the path and adjacent tiles while paralyzing 1 random enemy along the path. Resets all non-Yellow tiles.

Passive Ability: Increases Erica’s damage by 4% to enemies on yellow tiles for every cluster away and grants Thunder Aurorian teammates 50% of that damage bonus.

Chain Ability (5/9/13 tiles) – Deals 120% damage to 1 column.

Deals 120% damage to 3 columns.

Deals 135% damage to 3 columns.

That is everything to learn about the new Aurorians – Siobhan and Erica that came with the ongoing The End! The Maiden and the Ruins Extreme Depth: 873M Underground event. If you would like to learn more about Alchemy Stars, check out our blog section for the Alchemy Stars community. We recommend playing Alchemy Stars on a PC with BlueStacks using a keyboard and mouse for the best experience.