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Animus: Guide to Farming and Stats

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

This high-end RPG developed by 10Birds may be a little too punishing for those who play on mobile devices. The fights require a level of skill and dexterity that is incredibly difficult to achieve on a pad, let alone on a smartphone. However, when you play Animus on BlueStacks, you’ve got a fair shot at beating the game. Even so, the boss encounters may sometimes be too hard to manage.

This guide is specifically made to help you overcome those situations where you feel you’re barely doing any damage to your enemies. With enough farming, as well as the right proportions in terms of stats assignment, you’ll soon be able to vanquish all of your enemies in Animus. Not even those tough-to-beat legendary bosses you find in orange map markers will stand in your way.

Nothing compares to taking revenge on a boss that has killed you 10+ times.

How to Farm Fast and Easy

We started out as noobs. Just take a look at our poor level 5.

Animus: Guide to Farming and Stats

In less than half an hour of play, however, at level 13 and with most equipment upgraded to max, we were a force to be reckoned with. How did we achieve this? Well, read on.

Animus: Guide to Farming and Stats

Using the game mechanics, but also several key encounters, you can easily farm your character to a nice level in order to match-up well against harder bosses. Instead of getting 1 or 2 shot by them, you’ll be able to withstand several hits while also dishing out powerful damage yourself. As you may have noticed, the game has several checkpoints alongside every level where you can save – both your progress and your loot. This is the core mechanic we’ll be using in order to get farmed.

Animus: Guide to Farming and Stats

There are two significant features that the encounter must have in order to be easy and worthwhile to farm. The first and most obvious one is loot. Aside from experience, it has to have some nice rewards that are worth the bother. Secondly, it is mandatory that there are multiple enemies to fight. Basically, you’re looking for a group that constitutes a boss, rather than 1 enemy alone. For beginners, one such good place is the third red marker on the map, namely The Scent of Oblivion boss.

Animus: Guide to Farming and Stats

Play Animus – Stand Alone on BlueStacks 4

Everything you have to do is clear out the mobs until the boss and then let him kill you. There are several golems and two sentinels. On your way, sit only at the first checkpoint shrine, while ignoring the last, which is also the one before the boss. Once you die, just respawn at the checkpoint. Aside from pretty good experience and gold, the mobs will give you Einher’s set, which has a fair amount of stamina regen and strong elemental defence.  You save tremendous amounts of time by not having to constantly load the game menu.

Animus: Guide to Farming and Stats

There are many such encounters throughout Animus that you can use to farm. One of the best ones is Champion’s Fellowship, which you unlock a bit later on. The tactic here is the same, kill all the bosses except for the last NPC, which you should die to.

Leveling Your Stats

As you may have already noticed, there are several types of weapons, from dual wield swords to shields and polearms, fist weapons, and even giant greatswords. We sure couldn’t resist trying out the Tarnished Sword we got from farming The Votive Son. It not only looks pretty cool, but it also dishes out immense amounts of damage. The problem is that it requires quite a bit of stamina and health to be effective. The stamina is necessary for sustained attacks, while the extra HP will be useful in being able to tank some damage while you wield your colossal weapon into mobs and bosses.

Animus: Guide to Farming and Stats

So which stats should you prioritize? Well, there’s no doubt about Max HP and Max Stamina. These are staples of any build for reasons we’ve just mentioned. However, other less important stats are entirely up to you. Rage is quite useful as it enables you to use your special move more often, whereas Spirit will ensure you have an extra bit of oomph when you’re nearing the end of a fight and there’s no more health regen flasks to rely on. Obviously, once you get to level 20, both Life Charge and Stamina Control are mandatory.

Animus: Guide to Farming and Stats

With these stats under your belt, you should have no problems farming any creep corridor you desire. One last thing to consider from the perspective of stats, both while farming and during normal progression runs, are resistances. Some pieces of gear are specifically tailored to make you more resilient to certain types of damage. For instance, Lyrius’ set, aside from looking like a true rusty baws, is a powerhouse of absorbing Flame damage. This is reason enough to farm all the C grade pieces and have them in your inventory in case you meet an enemy that heavily relies on flame damage.

Animus: Guide to Farming and Stats

Thanks, in part, to BlueStacks’s performance, we were actually able to load the menu quite fast and farm the gorgeous Lyrius set in a timely fashion. The encounter is easy once you get his Ancient Sword and as long as you execute a few well-timed dodges.

Beyond Hardcore with BlueStacks

To be fair, if it wasn’t for the right stats and the perfect amount of farming, Animus: Stand Alone would kick our asses all over the desolate map. That’s what happened to us until we managed to find our bearings and take the game by its horns.

Now, every time we get on the game we can’t wait to kill another hardcore boss. More and more, we get the feeling that the enemies are starting to fear us more than we did them. And why shouldn’t they, when we look this cool and hit this hard? Talk about video game thug life.

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