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Tier List for Arcana Tactics – Best Heroes and Arcana Cards

Posted by: BlueStacks Content Team

Arcana Tactics by Gamevil is a unique type of strategy RPG game blending itself with genres like gacha and auto-battler. The most challenging aspect of the game lies in the fact that you, as a player, do not have control over what you can pick in terms of heroes. The only control the player has on the battlefield is his Arcana cards and his knowledge of the game. Arcana Tactics features an intuitive and unique battle style where players have to make use of what they have been given to win every match. Sounds confusing? Well, Arcana Tactics is not your typical Strategical RPG, where players fight with their best heroes from the start. Players can evolve/fuse their heroes in battle to make stronger heroes as well as provide them with pieces of equipment in battle. That’s right, there is no pre-determined equipment equipped for your heroes. The only pre-requisite before battles are the Arcana Cards which can be taken by players in their decks. Arcana Cards are cards of different variants which can turn the tides of the battles while complementing the style of your team by boosting their stats.

Arcana Tactics, as the name says is reliant on Arcanas, the cards embed with magical energy. Heroes are an integral part of the game but Arcana Cards are equally, if not more, important. To build a tier list for Arcana Tactics, one must consider both aspects of Heroes as well as Arcana Cards. Hence, we will be making separate tier lists for both heroes and Arcana cards, each with its tier levels and understanding. We hope this Tier list will help all the Arcana Tactics players in our BlueStacks community.

Tier List for Heroes

In Arcana Tactics, players can summon for heroes as well as Arcana cards both. Heroes in Arcana Tactics are divided into different categories according to their rarities as well as classes. Players can summon heroes using Hero Summon Tickets or Diamonds. Arcana Tactics is a hero collector game where players can summon different heroes but cannot directly use them in the battles from the start. Due to how the battle system works, players have to fuse their heroes starting from the lowest rarity up to the highest one in-game. 

Tier List for Arcana Tactics – Best Heroes and Arcana Cards

Summoning all the heroes will mean that players can use those heroes in the battle or let’s say that players are allowed to fuse only those heroes which they own. Also, summoning for a single copy of the hero, even if it’s of the highest rarity (5-Star) is not worth it since it’s only going to be at Level 1. To increase the hero’s level further, you would need to summon multiple copies of the same hero to gather its fragments. 

Let’s talk about the best heroes which players can fuse to get a strong team composition in battle. We will only talk about the heroes who are currently in-game and available through fusions. 

  • Soul Bow – Soul Bow is an Archer class hero which specializes in high DPS output as well as inflicting Silence debuff to enemies. Her basic skill Yggdrasil’s Bow inflicts Physical Damage to 2 enemies. Her 2nd skill Dark Green Bombing inflicts 160% of her Physical Damage + 320 extra to the enemy team’s hero with the highest Magical Attack every 6 attacks. Players can easily rotate between her skills as she attacks 2 enemies with her basic skill itself. Her 3rd skill Rage of Mother Nature is a strong DPS skill that enhances her Physical Damage and applies a Silence debuff for 3 turns to the targeted enemy. Her 4th skill Exponential Growth gives her a 14% chance to increase her Attack Speed by 25% for 6 seconds.

Tier List for Arcana Tactics – Best Heroes and Arcana Cards

  • Vampire – Vampire is another strong 5-Star hero which can be attained through summoning. His 1st skill Bloody Wave is a chain magical attack that attacks 2 enemies. His 2nd skill Bloody Revenge is a special skill that has a 14% chance to activate when attacking. If this skill is triggered, he will consume his own HP equal to 8% of his MAX HP and inflict Magical Damage equal to 120% of his Magical Attack, and HP lost to the targeted enemy as well 3 nearby enemies. His 3rd skill Endless Thirst capitalizes on Bleeding debuff as when he attacks an enemy with Bleeding debuff he will deal bonus Magical Damage as well heal by 50% of the damage inflicted. His 4th skill Transfusion states that whenever Vampire’s HP falls below 25%, he will absorb HP equal to 20% of his MAX HP from all allies within 1.5 spaces of him.

Tier List for Arcana Tactics – Best Heroes and Arcana Cards

  • Bounty Hunter – Bounty Hunter is a 5-Star hero from the Rogue class who excels at sustained DPS while also having a tool for self mitigation of damage. Her 1st skill Trauma heals her by 40% of her MAX HP after every 12 attacks as well as provides her with 40% damage reduction while healing. Her 2nd skill Time of Annihilation has a 16% chance to activate while attacking. If activated, this skill will dish out 120% of her Physical Damage to the target and nearby enemies within 1.3 spaces as well as inflict a Restrain debuff. Her 3rd skill Cyclic Pendulum states that every 9.5 seconds, she will inflict 150% of her Physical Damage to all enemies within 3.5 spaces of the targeted enemy and heals her by 30% of the total damage dealt. Her 4th skill Reversing Time reduces the duration of all the status effects on her by 40%.

Tier List for Arcana Tactics – Best Heroes and Arcana Cards

  1. Cavalier – Cavalier is a 5-Star hero from the Lance class which excels at increasing survivability for all allies and dishing out Physical damage and stuns. Her 1st skill Griffon Rider grants a buff every 7 seconds which gives her a 35% damage reduction from all attacks for 6 seconds. Her 2nd skill Raining Down has an 18% chance to activate while attacking and deals Physical damage equal to 150% of her Physical Attack while also stunning the target for 2 seconds. Her 3rd skill All For One is a buffing skill that increases her Physical Attack by 150 and another random ally within 3 spaces of her. Her 4th skill Shield of Unity increases Physical Defense by 300 of all allies and herself within 2 spaces of her.
  2. Dream Painter – Dream Painter is a 5-Star from the Warrior class which excels at increasing all allies’ sustain as well as stripping buffs from enemies. Her 1st skill Model Mark states that she applies a Model buff on a random ally at the start of her turn. Whenever Dream Painter attacks, she will heal the ally with this buff by 80 HP. Her 2nd skill L’Artiste allows her to remove all buffs from the targeted enemy and all enemies within 2 spaces of them. Her 3rd skill Freehand Drawing has an 18% chance to reduce a random stat of the enemy (Physical Defense, Magical Defense, Attack Speed) by 15%. This effect can stack up to 3 times. Her 4th skill Illumination states that on her death she will summon a random hero prepared for the battle to take her position.

Tier List for Arcana Tactics – Best Heroes and Arcana Cards

That concludes our top 5 heroes in Tier 1 of this tier list. The rest of the heroes which come under Tier 2 are heroes which are useful but only under certain conditions or not as powerful as those in Tier 1. They are by no means weak but they have some flaws which make us push them down to Tier 2. Here are the Tier 2 heroes – 

  1. Dragoon – Dragoon is arguably even a Tier 1 hero, with her massive CC reduction and Physical Damage output. She is a self-sustaining DPS unit with her kit being very selfish and does not provide buffs for allies. She can fit in high DPS comps easily.
  2. Archangel – Archangel is a strong Healer 5-Star unit from the Cleric class. She provides many buffs for the team like Movement speed buffs and Attacks buff. She is also an excellent healer, however, with healers not seeing much light in the meta, they are pushed down in the tier list.

Tier List for Arcana Tactics – Best Heroes and Arcana Cards

  1. Sage – She is an excellent buffer and healer from the Wizard class which benefits Nature type heroes the most. Due to her skills benefitting only nature-type heroes, she is pushed to Tier 2.
  2. Lord Mage – Lord Mage is a pure AOE DPS unit that is arguably contesting for Tier 1 but falls short because of her low multipliers on her skills.

Tier List for Arcana Cards

Arcana Tactics has a separate system for cards called Arcana which can help the players get an advantage by providing them with more buffs or supporting their respective classes of heroes. Before we get to the actual tier list, we feel it’s necessary to introduce the rarities of Arcana cards. Arcana cards come in 3 different rarities – Major Arcana, High Minor Arcana, and Low Minor Arcana

Tier List for Arcana Tactics – Best Heroes and Arcana Cards

In Arcana Tactics, we recommend rerolling for Arcana cards and not heroes because you will summon heroes anyway using the free currency provided by the game by completing different missions, challenges, and events. However, Arcana cards can only be summoned by the paid currency or by Arcana summon tickets that can be obtained rarely by the dev team, events, or login bonuses. Hence, it’s wiser to reroll for Arcana cards as they are rarer and harder to obtain than heroes.  This tier list is based on the Arcana’s which provide buffs for all allies no matter what the class they are from as those Arcana are considered universally the best. Here are the tier list for the best Arcana’s which players can use for best results in the battle:-

  1. Devil Arcana – Increases Critical Damage of all heroes
  2. Judgment Arcana – Increases HP of all heroes
  3. World Arcana – Increases Attack Speed of all heroes
  4. The Fool Arcana – Increases Critical Rate of all heroes
  5. Justice Arcana – Increase Dodge rate of all heroes 

Tier List for Arcana Tactics – Best Heroes and Arcana Cards

  1. The Tower Arcana – Increase Physical and Magical Defense of front row heroes
  2.           The Empress Arcana – Reduces all damage received from heroes by 20% for all allies.
  3.           The Hierophant Arcana – Increases all Physical Damage dealt to heroes by 20%.
  4.           The Lovers Arcana – Increases all Magical Damage dealt to heroes by 20%.

Tier List for Arcana Tactics – Best Heroes and Arcana Cards

These are the top-tier Arcanas available to players from Arcana summons. The reason these Arcanas are recommended because they affect all the heroes on the battlefield and not just the specific class or type of heroes.

These Arcana cards will boost all your heroes no matter which you summon and will continue to provide a consistent boost till the end-game. However, if you are not concerned with the best reroll, other good Arcana Cards that can work very well in certain team compositions includes the following:-

  1. Strength Arcana – Increases guard rate by 20/30/45% for swordsman against basic hits according to number of swordsmen (2/4/6)
  2. Hermit Arcana – Reduces the damage received for all heroes
  3. Wheel of Fortune Arcana – Activates when 2/4/6 archers are active on the battlefield. Increased Physical attack for archers by 30/40/80%
  4. The Sun Arcana – Activates when 2/4/6 warriors are active on the battlefield. Increased chance to activate unbending will by 40/65/100%
  5. The Hanged Man Arcana – Activates when 2/4 rogue is active on the battlefield. Increase chances to activate the backstep effect of rogue heroes by 55/80%
  6. The Star Arcana – Increases Physical and Magical attack of all backline heroes by 25%
  7. The Death Arcana – Increases Damage dealt to monsters by 20% for all heroes.                    

Tier List for Arcana Tactics – Best Heroes and Arcana Cards

That is all from our side for this tier list of Arcana Tactics. The game is still very fresh in the global community, being only 2 months old, with tons of strategies still needed to be discovered. Joining a community dedicated to Arcana Tactics will also help to understand the game better and boost your confidence to carry out tough fusions like a piece of cake! Drop down any questions below and we will do our best to get back to you!

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