In this day and age, you’d be hard-pressed to find a gamer who doesn’t know what a MOBA is. Ever since the inception of DotA back in the mid-2000s, which originated as a custom map for Warcraft 3, everyone and their mothers have turned to this awesome genre due to its accessibility and potential for intense competitive gameplay. However, as a custom map, DotA was very restricted in what the game could achieve, and so standalone copycats started to surface everywhere.

Arena of Valor: Intense Mobile MOBA Fun on BlueStacks

Heroes of Newerth and League of Legends were among the first two titles to appear, which drew inspiration from the original DotA. While the latter was almost directly a copy of the original, with different visuals, the latter took the standard MOBA formula and provided its own roster of heroes and mechanics. Nowadays, LoL, alongside the enormous DotA 2 remain king in the genre and are some of the most-played games of our generation.

However, as the copycats on PC started surfacing, the continued success of the MOBA genre made it feasible for phone developers to join in on the fun. After all, with something so popular as DotA and LoL, we can’t blame devs for wanting to put their finger in this delicious cake. And so, the mobile MOBA genre came into existence.

With how extensive that the mobile gaming industry is, it’s hard to know which titles came first. However, one of the most prevalent examples of mobile MOBA games, and the topic that we’ve come to talk about today, is Arena of Valor. This intense MOBA is inspired by League of Legends as it features many visual elements reminiscent of the popular PC game. Similarly, many of the heroes borrow skill sets and other aspects from the original.

However, while similar to League of Legends, the game features a wildly different play style, especially since it’s a mobile game. In this sense, while the basic premise is similar, and certain strategies that work in LoL can work in Arena of Valor as well, there are certain considerations that you must keep in mind if you want to excel on the battlefield.

Arena of Valor: Intense Mobile MOBA Fun on BlueStacks

Want to learn more? Then you’re in luck. Read on to see what this mobile MOBA has to offer!

Fast-Paced PvP Gameplay

This probably goes without saying, but those who install a MOBA—any MOBA—can definitely expect intense competitive action. After all, the objective of each match is to breach the enemy’s defenses, destroy their towers, and eventually demolish their core. Along the way, however, they’ll have to deal with hordes of enemy minions, as well as the heroes of other players.

Arena of Valor: Intense Mobile MOBA Fun on BlueStacks

Play Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game on BlueStacks

However, while the basic gist of these games, including Arena of Valor, can come off as single-minded and overly simplistic, it’s actually far from that. Sure, it’s true that you can basically march to your lane and try attacking everything that comes into range. However, in order to succeed, you’ll need to consider the role and abilities of your current hero in relation to the enemies’ characters. Soon enough, you’ll find that your support hero can barely damage the enemy’s tanks, or that, if you’re not careful, your spellcaster dies quickly when going up against the enemy warrior, and so on.

Aside from role matchups, there is also the matter of items that you can purchase to power up your heroes. For every hero and minion that you defeat in the field, you’ll gain gold, which you can use for purchasing different items in the store. These items can significantly increase your potential on the field, and even alter somewhat the role of a character. Specifically, you could purchase defensive items to an assassin, and make him a powerhouse that can’t be defeated.

Arena of Valor: Intense Mobile MOBA Fun on BlueStacks

There are many different items that you can purchase on the store, which can definitely overwhelm the newer players. Luckily, Arena of Valor has a recommendation system that automatically highlights the suggested items for your current hero. This feature is awesome for when you’re just starting out in this mobile MOBA. However, you’ll want to read up on item effects ASAP so that you can customize your loadouts to suit your play style.

The Smoothest Performance of any Mobile MOBA

Thanks to BlueStacks, Arena of Valor runs flawlessly on most machines. If you play on your phone, you’re probably limited to playing at sub-30 FPS, and with tons of blurriness and aliasing. Not to mention having to fumble with touchscreen controls, which are some of the most awkward schemes for gaming, makes for an overall underwhelming experience.

Arena of Valor: Intense Mobile MOBA Fun on BlueStacks

However, thanks to our powerful app player, you can go to the settings menu, crank up everything to the max, and enjoy some of the smoothest experience you’ll ever find in a phone MOBA. In particular, you’ll want to pay attention to the “High Frame rate Mode,” “HD Display,” “Display Quality,” and “Particle Quality” settings. These are the ones that determine both the performance, and the graphical quality of the game. Set these as high as you can and laugh at the game’s warning that your phone “might overheat.”

With these settings, alongside our intuitive BlueStacks tools, you’ll barely notice that you’re playing a mobile MOBA. Instead, it’ll feel like you’re playing an actual PC game, with all the bells and whistles.

Arena of Valor: Intense Mobile MOBA Fun on BlueStacks

For those who don’t have hardware strong enough to run PC MOBAs, their mobile counterparts are the next best alternative. Arena of Valor is a prime example of what one of these games can offer. Its vast repertoire of heroes, coupled with deep strategic elements in the form of hero types and item builds, give this mobile MOBA lots of replay value and longevity. While we just got started with it, we already know we won’t be dropping it anytime soon.

See you on the battlefield!

Arena of Valor: Intense Mobile MOBA Fun on BlueStacks

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