Arknights puts no less than 8 important currencies at your disposal, all of which can be used in unique ways. Although the shopping system can be confusing at first, we actually love the diversity, because it gives F2P players a better chance to prioritize between different upgrades and keep up the pace with others. What’s more, all types of resources – even the two premium currencies – can be farmed in this game.

Arknights on PC: The Complete Guide to Currency and Shopping

In what follows, we’ll go through all the important currencies in Arknights, as well as how you can/should use them and where you can get more.

Lungmen Dollars (LMD)

Lungmen Dollars (LMD) is the soft currency in Akrnights, which is primarily used to level up Operators. As with all mobile games, you won’t even notice this resource when you start a new campaign because you’ll have more than enough to splurge. However, once your core team of operators reaches levels 40-50 and you have to start thinking about Promotions, LMD suddenly becomes a rare commodity.

Arknights on PC: The Complete Guide to Currency and Shopping

The best way to earn LMD quickly is to farm the supplies mission “Cargo Escort”, which is available on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. Operation CE-4 recommends that you use operators Elite lvl. 20 and above, so it will be out of reach for some time. Nevertheless, CE-3 grants a generous 4100 LMD per run and can be completed with operators lvl. 35-40. Push for this mission as quickly as possible and take advantage of the days when it’s available.

There are a few other ways to earn LMD, including story missions, daily log-in bonuses, base operations, and daily/weekly missions. However, these are not nearly as reliable and will almost always fall short of your ever-expanding budget.

Originite Prime and Orundum

Originite Prime is represented by a yellow icon at the top of your screen and is mainly obtained through purchases with real money. As the premium currency in Arknights, it can be used to purchase costumes for your operators, acquire certain packs, refill your Sanity reserves (1 per refill), or obtain Orundum for Gacha pulls (1 for 180 Orundum). As an F2P player, you can get more Originite Prime (also referred to as Originium) from your first 3-stars clear of each mission in the game.

Arknights on PC: The Complete Guide to Currency and Shopping

Orundum, on the other hand, is used exclusively for Gacha pulls (600 per 1x pull, 6000 per 10x pull). It can be obtained from Originite Prime, but also from daily and weekly missions, the factory (in your base), and different stages of the Annihilation Mode. As we’ve already mentioned in our tips & tricks for beginners, you should always keep 6000 Orundum at hand in order to get the guaranteed 5-star or better operator from new banners.

Arknights on PC: The Complete Guide to Currency and Shopping

Certificates: Commendations, Distinctions, Shop Vouchers

The Certificates Store features three different currencies that you can use to purchase new operators, resources, and upgrade materials. Commendation Certificates (CC), for example, are primarily obtained from weekly missions and duplicate operators. Each time you pull a copy of an operator you already have, you get 1 CC (for 1- and 2-star characters), 5 CC (for 3-star characters), and 30 CC (for 4-star characters). Once an operator has reached its maximum potential, you can also exchange their tokens for additional CC at a similar rate.

Arknights on PC: The Complete Guide to Currency and Shopping

The Commendation Certificates store is organized in three different stages that reset once every month. To move to the next stage, you must purchase all items displayed on your current stage. If you have enough CC lying about, it might be a good idea to reach the 3rd and final stage. You’ll collect 4 Headhunting Permits (for pulls) and 600 Orundum on the way.

Distinction Certificates (DC) are similar to Commendations, but much rarer. Each new operator you pull from Gacha or Recruitment gives just 1 DC. In addition, you earn 5 DC per duplicate for the first 5 duplicates of a 5-star operator that you pull. Any further duplicates thereafter award 8 DC. Meanwhile, the first 5 copies of a 6-star operator grant 10 DC each and additional copies grant 15 DC per pull. Operator tokens for 4-, 5-, and 6-star characters can also be exchanged for 1, 5, and 10 DC, respectively.

Arknights on PC: The Complete Guide to Currency and Shopping

The Distinction Certificates store always features a 5-star and a 6-star operator, but the specific characters displayed tend to cycle with the current standard Gacha banners. Over the course of a month, you can also obtain 35+ Headhunting Permits.

Finally, Shop Vouchers can be farmed in the “Though Siege” supplies mission, which is available on X. However, you can also obtain SV from daily log-ins, as well as daily and weekly missions, which should be more than enough to spend to your heart’s content. The Shop Vouchers store usually includes operator tokens, as well as a 4- and a 5-star operator.

Arknights on PC: The Complete Guide to Currency and Shopping

Friend Credits (FC)

Friend Credits can be used in the store to purchase the 4-star Vanguard Courier and the 4-star Medic Gavial, as well as a few resources and upgrade materials. The most reliable way to obtain FC is to use Support Units from friends or to have them use your unit.

Arknights on PC: The Complete Guide to Currency and Shopping

In addition, you can obtain more FC each day by improving the furniture in your dormitories. In the Reception Room, you can assign operators to find clues that also award a fixed amount of FC per day. Visiting another player’s base for the first time each day grants 20 FC, while sending one of your clues to a friend will land you the same amount.

Furniture Parts (FP)

The Furniture store features all kinds of furniture sets for your dormitories. Decorating these rooms is not merely a matter of role-play, but will rather help your operators recover morale faster and grant a higher number of FC per day.

Arknights on PC: The Complete Guide to Currency and Shopping

Most furniture can be purchased with Originium, but even as an F2P player, you still have access to certain decorative features that can be obtained with Furniture Parts (FP). You can produce FP in your factory, but you will also get some from daily log-ins, daily and weekly missions, as well as the “Resource Search” supply mission (farmable).

That just about sums up all the important currencies in Arknights. Remember that, although all resources can be obtained for free in this game, some are significantly rarer than others. Always keep some Originium or Orundum in store for new Gacha banners and think carefully before you spend your hard-earned Distinction Certificates. You’ll be on your way to an excellent team of operators in no time!

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