Combat Power (CP) is a value in Ashland: Rebellion of Gods that players use to determine the strength of their heroes. The ultimate goal in this game is to raise the player’s combat power to the point where they can do complex content since most of the beginning tasks are extremely easy to do and don’t offer up a challenge. There’s also the pride of being in the top names of the server leaderboard, where players will play towards reaching at least the top 10 to give their hard work more meaning.

How To Increase Combat Power in Ashland: Rebellion of Gods

There are two types of combat power in the game, which are individual combat power and party combat power. Individual combat power refers to one hero’s total combat power. If you’ve read our Hero Guide, we mentioned that the game has a party system. Players will get all the classes in the game, which form a party for PvE and PvP content. Some of their values equal the total party combat power, which is the most essential value you need to look out for because it is often required in higher-level dungeons and bosses.

Hero Gear

The most common way to get combat power is through hero gear. Gearing is one of the most essential tasks that players need to do in the game, and we’ve explained a bit of how it works in our Beginners’ Guide. Players can get gear and other essential items by completing dungeons bosses or farming them from the idle rewards feature. The primary goal is to have all of your heroes equipped with gear so that you’ll have the maximum value at all times.

How To Increase Combat Power in Ashland: Rebellion of Gods

When looking at hero gear, ensure that you get the highest quality gear. You can check by looking at the number of stars on the gear and the frame color. Gold is a great starting point, but you’ll still have to upgrade from there by getting equipment that you’ll get in the higher stages. It’s a good idea to continue farming dungeons and bosses so that you raise the level of the equipment you’re trying to get from PvE content. You’ll know if a gear is good if there is an Up Arrow indicating that it’s an upgrade from what you currently have equipped.

Unlocking Gods

Unlocking gods is a massive boost to your power rating. Unlocking the first one will give so much combat power by itself, so it’s a good idea to get them as soon as you can and try to get more powerful ones in the future. However, many gods are only acquired by spending premium currency, but there are some that you can get by playing out the story mode, so there’s no need to worry too much about the direction that you’re going in the game when getting this feature.

How To Increase Combat Power in Ashland: Rebellion of Gods

The first god that players will acquire is Athena, and she’s pretty useful as a starter but isn’t as powerful as the advanced ones that you can get. Gods are used as an additional ability that players can activate to transform into those units. Gods have more base stats than regular characters, so it’s a lot more efficient to use them, but you can only use them for a duration. It’s usually reserved for powerful bosses or when fighting vast waves of enemies to make clearing them a lot quicker.

Upgrading Companions

Companions also play a massive part in the game, even though they are often seen as cosmetic items. The companions that players can get in Ashland: Rebellion of Gods are the gods, mounts, and guardians, with the beast being a subcategory of the mount. These all have specific stats from which players can gain combat power when they are either acquired or upgraded. They each use a particular resource to upgrade, and depending on the quality of that resource, the amount of exp they gain varies.

How To Increase Combat Power in Ashland: Rebellion of Gods

There are three ways to upgrade your companion, and those are through leveling up, star up, and awakening. Leveling up a companion increases their stats by a fixed amount, but they have a max level capacity depending on their quality. Starring up a companion increases their star levels and gives them a massive boost in stats, but it’s harder to do. When a companion has acquired all the stats that they can, the player can opt to awaken a mount, which takes them to the next step or unlocks a new form. 

Completing Dungeons

Completing dungeons in Ashland: Rebellion of Gods also provides a certain amount of combat power because of the rewards. When a player completes a dungeon, they are given three random choices of stat cards that they can choose from to acquire permanently. Depending on which card was selected by the character, they gain a certain number of stats that will convert into combat power. Choosing wisely is essential, so don’t simply let the auto-pick feature do it for you or blindly pick one of the three.

How To Increase Combat Power in Ashland: Rebellion of Gods

When choosing which cards to choose from, it’s essential to learn which ones you want to get for your character. There are two things you need to look at – rarity and stat distribution. Regarding rarity, it’s always great to choose the gold border cards, but if you’re stuck with cards that are all purple or the same quality, you need to look at stat distribution. When distributing stats to your character, look at what role it plays in the team and what stats you want it to have.

Skill Upgrades

The final way to increase your combat power in Ashland: Rebellion of Gods is to upgrade your skills and abilities. This offers a considerable boost in combat power but is probably the hardest to upgrade in all of the methods presented in this guide. Upgrading abilities can be done by consuming skill tomes which you can only acquire by purchasing gems or farming them in unique dungeons.

How To Increase Combat Power in Ashland: Rebellion of Gods

Players don’t have to overthink which skills they want to upgrade, but it’s essential to have them balanced out so that all of your characters are useful when it comes to a fight. Most players try to upgrade one character, but that’s increasingly expensive, so it’s isn’t practical.