If you’re looking for a combat game full of active and strategic decision-making, look no further. Netease Games’ latest title ‘Astracraft,’ is here to deliver. The game is all about building up your ARMS and fighting against other competitors in real-time battles. One of the most exciting aspects of this game is that you can pick from racing cars, ships, mechas, and battle bots, but you can design and upgrade them as well. It’s all about your creativity and what kind of new ideas you can implement.

In case you’re someone who prefers PvP action, you won’t be disappointed with what Astracraft has in store for you. The game features several modes that you can choose from and test out your skills. Today, we will be going through all the game modes available in Astracraft.

Choosing your Play Style

As soon you log in to the game, the first thing that you’ll have to do is choose whether you want to jump straight into some action or if you want to check out the creative aspect of the game. Well, whatever you may choose from, the game has unique modes for both options.

All the Create and Versus Game Modes in Astracraft Explained

If you’re someone who would like to check out the creative aspect of the game, then we recommend you to try out the following two modes:

Create Mode – Use your creativity to build a dominating army.

Multiplayer Creation Mode – Develop and modify your ARMS with ease.

Solo Wonder Mode – To get some practice in before going for PvP.

And if you want to jump straight into some action be it practice or PvP gameplay, then you should try out any of the modes mentioned below:

Battle Mode – The competitive mode where you get to fight other players in real-time.

After playing a few standard games/modes in the Module Trial, players can also unlock the following game modes:

Infinite Arena – Fast-paced Battle Royale mode with fast respawn rate.

Rumble Mode – Explore, Loot, and Collect. Players can also upgrade and modify their ARMS in between the match.

Storm Mode – Objective: Survive on a shrinking ship. (Elimination Mode)

King of the Hill Mode – 3v3 Mode, Fight for gaining control of the area.

Astracraft’s Create Mode

In the create mode, players can choose from Multiplayer Creation, Solo Wonder, Party Mode, and Race Mode. We already mentioned a few things about most of these modes, so; let’s look at the other available modes in this section.

All the Create and Versus Game Modes in Astracraft Explained

Party Mode – In this mode, players can choose from various game modes, each having its unique twist. Some of the developers’ pre-developed modes include Bumper Soccer, DynoBasket, Forced Landing, Battle Tank, and many more. What’s even more interesting is that players can create their modes and make them available for other players to try out. Also, you can create public and private rooms and play with other players!

All the Create and Versus Game Modes in Astracraft Explained

Race Mode – Well, if you’re a racing fan, it is the perfect mode. Apart from participating in a car race, players can also create their own track/circuit having props, decorations, checkpoints, and circuit blocks. Moreover, they can also invite other players to race with them on the race track that they built.

All the Create and Versus Game Modes in Astracraft Explained

Versus Mode in Astracraft

If you’re looking for proper PvP action and some competitive play, then the ‘Versus’ mode in Astracraft won’t disappoint you. In case you’re wondering how to unlock all the game modes in this section, well, you need to complete several missions in the ‘Module Trial’ to unlock all the modes that are being mentioned below!

All the Create and Versus Game Modes in Astracraft Explained

Building Mode – In this mode, both sides (blue and orange) assemble building blocks in the designated area. Only the highest building blocks will be counted for points in a single square. When the time runs out, the team with the highest point wins. Additionally, players can move to the desired places by placing the blocks and oblique modules. However, these blocks can be destroyed to gain an advantage.

Super Storm Mode – Collect modules to protect yourself, and avoid being destroyed by the EMP Storm or other players. In order you get the victory, you need to avoid being eliminated. Assemble a blueprint vehicle model in the Storm Mode garage, and then you can use the corresponding modules to apply that blueprint quickly. Selecting the ARMs and spawn point most suitable for your play style is the first step to victory. You can collect teammates’ escape pods from reviving them, so being eliminated doesn’t mean you should give up easily.

Every player has a different play style. The different types of modes available in Astracraft and the ability to create your own map/mode with unique concepts make this game stand out from the rest of the action games out there. If you’re looking to play Astracraft on your PC with a keyboard and mouse, then download and install the game on BlueStacks.